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DeMar DeRozan Will Grace the Canadian-Exclusive Cover of NBA 2K18

Toronto Raptors leading scorer, three-time NBA all-star, DeMar DeRozan will join Kyrie Irving and Shaquille O’Neal as cover athletes for 2K this year. DeMar DeRozan will be appearing on the Canadian cover of NBA 2K18, and this is the first-ever Canadian-exclusive cover.



DeRozan said: “It's something that's extremely awesome and definitely mind-blowing.” When this opportunity came round, he even couldn’t believe it and he was at a loss for words.


Some people may say “why him? He is not the best player in Raptors history.” Yes, he is not the best. But nobody can name another player that can represent a city in NBA like him for what he has done for the Raptors. Last season when he hit the free-agent market, he almost immediately committed to re-signing with the team that originally drafted him. DeRozan love the city of Toronto and the Raptors. “Being part of the whole process here, eight years, it’s been amazing to see everything develop— from Toronto hosting the all-star weekend to us making the Eastern Conference Final. Something like this— being on the cover— isn’t just for me, it’s for Canada. Period,” he says. “Us being the only team in the country and sometimes not getting the full recognition we deserve, things like this help us to go bigger.”


He remembers creating himself in the game when he was a kid, and it was just cool to see his name on a jersey, he said. “It’s crazy to see over the years of me being in the video game how much it has evolved.” He still actively plays the game now, and he swears he only plays as the Raptors. He’s never been into tracking his rating. But 2k has been kind to him as of late nonetheless. In NBA 2K17 DeRozan started with an Overall rating of 87 before advancing to set career-highs across the board, by the season’s end, he was the fourth-highest shooting guard with a rating of 89. What do you think DeRozan’s rating should be this season?


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