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Maplestory M: Take Care of Pink Bean Event on Oct. 2-16

Take Care of Pink Bean Event of MapleStory M is currently on, from October 2 at 10:00AM until October 16 at 09:59AM. Now the Professional Gaming Store MmoGah will show you the details about it, or you can know this event on MapleStory M Facebook.


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Event Period:

2018.10.02 10:00 – 10.16 09.59 (server time)


*Server Time

America Server (UTC-8) / Europe Server (CEST/UTC+2) / Asia1, 2 Server (GMT+8)


Event Details

Participate in the event with Pink Bean’s King Meat, which you can acquire by defeating monsters during the event period.



*Event items will automatically be discarded once the event is over.

*You can get maximum of 5 meats daily. (count resets at 00:00 server time)


[Event] [Take Care of Pink Bean]



• You can play a mini game by using Pink Bean’s King Meat


- Entering Mini Game: [Event] -> [Take Care of Pink Bean] -> [Feed]



How to Play Mini Game


1) There will be 25 cards when you enter the game.

2) Front sides of the cards will appear for 3 seconds when the game start.

3) Match the same cards by turning them.

4) You can feed Pink Bean with growth points by matching the same cards.

 - 1 growth point per 1 set of cards matched.

5) There will be bonus cards and you will get 2 growth points if you match the bonus cards.

6) Growth points will be immediately consumed by Pink Bean.


Amount of points required to level up your Pink Bean.



Event Rewards





* Event rewards will be delivered to your inbox and will be stored for 7 days.

* Level up rewards are all period-limited.

* Level up rewards cannot be transferred or traded.


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