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MapleStory M: Story of Aran Is Coming Soon

Delia Woolf November 19th, 2018 Maplestory M   


One of the Heroes who sealed the Black Mage, Aran is a warrior who uses a powerful polearm. Combo count accumulates when Aran attacks monsters, and once a total number of combo counts reaches a certain point, Adrenaline Rush will be activated. With Adrenaline Rush activated, all of Aran’s attack skills will be boosted, activating stronger skills. We hope you will enjoy exciting battles with Aran’s exceptional combo skills! Story of Aran, the Brave and Charismatic Warrior! Would you like to enjoy the story in text? MapleStory M: Story of Aran Is Coming Soon!


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The Story of Aran



Long ago, Six Heroes fought against the Black Mage. This is the story of the first Heroes, Aran.



Wielding a powerful polearm called Maha, Aran was a brave and charismatic warrior on the battlefield.



Hundreds of years ago, when the Black Mage tried to dominate the world with darkness, Aran and five brave heroes rose up to stop him.



On the day of the battle, Aran rescued the refugees of Ossyria continent, which was under attack by the Black Mage and Athena.



She also defended off a siege of the Black Mage's minions, while her comrades were engaged in fierce fighting to seal the Black Mage in the Temple of Time.



Although they succeeded in sealing the Black Mage in the temple, his curse left them all sealed in ice.



Many years had passed and Rien was covered in ice and snow. The Ancient Prophecy told the villagers of Rien that the frozen heroes would be resurrected and return one day.



However, due to the harsh environment and the seemingly endless wait, the villagers left the island and only a girl named Lilin remained. Lilin held onto her firm belief that the heroes would return one day.



One fateful day, while exploring a deep cave, Lilin found Aran, sealed in the ice. Aran at last awoke from her long slumber.


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