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MapleStory M: New Character - Evan



The last descendant of Dragon Masters, Evan is here in MapleStory M! Having an Onyx Dragon ‘Mir’ as a companion, Evan fights with an Onyx dragon that can use powerful fusion skills. Evan can use both Wand and Staff.


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1. How to Create New Character [Evan]

Please select [Evan] on [Character Creation Menu] screen to create Evan.



2. Evan’s Skills

Evan has 13 active skills, 5 buff skills, and 38 passive skills.



1. Fusion Skill

Fusion skills will be activated when Evan uses certain skills while Mir uses [Dragon Flash], [Dragon Dive], [Dragon Breath] skills.

(ex) If you use [Earth Circle] while using [Dragon Breath], [Earth Breath] skill will be activated.



2. Return Skills

Return skills will be activated when Even uses “Return” while Mir is using Dragon Flash, Dive, or Breath.

Mir immediately stops attacking and returns to Evan, generating special effects.

(ex) [Return Flash] decreases DMG Decrease of nearby monsters.



<New Area: Palm Street>

Evan’s hometown ‘Palm Street’ area will be added.

The new area will be accessible through ‘Spore Hill’ of Henesys, Victoria Island. Similar to Elluel, anyone can enter Palm Street.




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