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Maplestory M: Goodbye Summer Event - Collect Water Balloons

Hot Maplestory M event - Goodbye Summer! Collect water balloons and get bonus items at the event shop! Now the Professional Gaming Store MmoGah will show you details. Or you can know this event on Maplestory M Facebook.



▶ Event Period: 2018.09.04 10:00 – 09.17 09:59 (server time/14 days)

*Server Time

America Server (UTC-8) / Europe Server (CEST/UTC+2) / Asia1, 2 Server (GMT+8)


▶ Event

Event Achievements: Complete achievements by collecting water balloons (until 09.17)

Event Rewards: Log-in rewards of droplet coins during the event period.


▶ Event Achievements

Collect Water Balloons by defeating monsters during the event period. You can get various rewards by completing achievements.

[Event] → [Event Achievement] 



- You can get Water Balloons from monsters that are within level 16 range of your level.


▶ Event Rewards

Event Daily Mission Rewards
Collect 60 Water Balloons Droplet Coin * 5
Collect 120 Water Balloons

Auto-battle Charge Ticket (10 mins) * 2

Collect 180 Water Balloons Droplet Coin * 10
Collect 240 Water Balloons Droplet Coin * 15
Collect 300 Water Balloons Red EXP Boost Ticket * 1
Collect 360 Water Balloons

Droplet Coin * 20

Collect 420 Water Balloons Droplet Coin * 25

Mission Accumulated Rewards
15 Daily missions achieved Auto-battle Charge Ticket (30 mins) * 1
25 Daily missions achieved Droplet Coin * 200
60 Daily missions achieved Gift Box

- All rewards will be directly delivered to your inventory with 14-day expiration period. Rewards are not tradable.

- Droplet coins will be discarded once the event has been completed.

- You can purchase items using Droplet coins at [Shop] → [Event Shop]


▶ Event Log-in Rewards

Log in during the below event rewards to receive droplet coins!

- Event Period: 2018.09.04 – 09.16 (13 days)

- Log-in time: 19:00 – 23:59 (server time) every day


Log-in Rewards

- Weekday (Monday – Friday): Droplet Coin * 60

- Weekend (Saturday/Sunday): Droplet Coins * 110

- Log-in rewards will be distributed once per day

- Droplet coins cannot be transferred between storage and are not tradable.

- Log-in rewards will be stored in your inbox for one day and will automatically be discard if not received after one day.


▶ Event Shop

You can purchase various items using Droplet coins at Event Shop

[Shop] → [Event Shop]



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