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MapleStory 2: Valentine's Day Event

Delia Woolf February 12th, 2019 Maplestory 2    Maplestory 2 Mesos   


February 14th is Valentine's Day, and the day of love and romance is hitting Maple World hard. Claim this month's Daily Wonders, pick up a package filled with love and adoration, and take part in two special events to spread the love to everyone around! Today MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking No.1 during searching “MapleStory 2 Mesos” in Google) will share the details with you MapleStory 2 fans.



Decadent Delivery Event

The many heroes, merchants and civilians of Maple World need their love, and you can show which Maple World denizen is your favorite! Gather ingredients and send chocolates to Blake, Goldus, Ishura, Mint, Peachy or Schatten, and get some special prizes in return!



Event Duration:

EST (UTC -5): 7:00 PM, Wednesday, Feb. 6th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Feb. 28th

CET (UTC +1): 1:00 AM, Thursday, Feb. 7th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Feb. 28th


Event Details:

Find Ruby in Queenstown or via the Available Quests menu to receive the Decadent Delivery Daily Quest, challenging you to collect three sets of ingredients for Mendel to craft one of his world-class chocolates!

Collect 5 bottles of Regurgitated Chocolate Milk by squeezing Choco-chicky Balloons found in non-town maps throughout Maple World

Collect 2 helpings of Sweet Powdered Sugar by defeating World Bosses

Collect a Smooth Egg by defeating a Dungeon Boss

Completing the quest will reward you with Mendel's Chocolate Box

Open the box to receive you choice of six Chocolate Gifts to give to Blake, Goldus, Ishura, Mint, Peachy or Schatten

Take your choice of Chocolate Gift to Delivery Man Bogie in Tria to send the gift off and receive 5x Valentine's Day Chocolates, which increase Attack by 3%, Max Health by 5% and Movement Speed by 5% for 15 minutes

Complete the Daily Quest multiple times for additional prizes!

Complete the daily quest 5 times to receive the Sweetheart Title

Complete the daily quest 10 times to receive the Lovely Heart Ribbon Headgear Outfit

Complete the daily quest 15 times to receive the Lovely Heart Bag Cape Outfit

The NPC that's given the most chocolate will have a Love Tornado Ground Mount created with their likeness, given out to all participants of the event!

Reward will be distributed during an update to be released in late March

Rewards cannot be sold or traded, but can be transferred to other characters on the same account via the in-game bank



Lovey-Dovey Daily Wonders

February's Daily Wonders are all about the day of love and the coming of spring! Get a new emote that takes you to a hot spring for relaxation, celebrate the Lunar New Year with a ground mount full of fireworks, take to the skies in a... uh, flying cupcake, and claim a graceful fairy buddy with the Lovey-Dovey Daily Wonders!


Sale Duration:

EST (UTC -5): 3:00 AM, Thursday, Feb. 7th - 3:00 AM, Thursday, Feb. 28th

CET (UTC +1): 9:00 AM, Thursday, Feb. 7th - 9:00 AM, Thursday, Feb. 28th


Sale Details:

Price: 2,755 Blue Merets (50% Discount for all items)

Log in each day to unlock a new prize from the Daily Wonders screen:

Day 1: Hot Soak Emote

Day 2: 30x Dryad Spicy Pet Candy

Day 3: Sweetheart's Gift Name Tag

Day 4: 2x Auto-Fishing Vouchers (30 Min)

Day 5: Lunar New Year Coin Ground Mount

Day 6: 2x Auto-Performance Vouchers (30 Min)

Day 7: 2x Style Crates

Day 8: 10x Recovery Elixirs

Day 9: 50x Instant Gathering Vouchers

Day 10: 3x Fusion Stone Shards

Day 11: Soaring Love Cupcake Flying Mount

Day 12: 10x Recovery Elixirs

Day 13: 5x Lapis Master Snares

Day 14: Essential Gem Dust Box, containing 100 each of Yellow, Blue and Purple Gem Dust

Day 15: Flower Fairy Non-Combat Pet

Missing a day does not skip items or reset progress

Prizes can be previewed in the Daily Wonders screen, even if you have not purchased the Daily Wonders

Lovey-Dovey Daily Wonders voucher must be activated before 8:00 AM UTC on Feb. 28th, 2019

Must claim all prizes before 8:00 AM UTC on Mar. 28th, 2019

Days begin and end at 12:00 AM UTC

Rewards cannot be sold or traded, but can be transferred to other characters on the same account via the in-game bank



Valentine's Romance Bundle

Love is in the air, and the Valentine's Romance Bundle contains what you need to get the love going! A pair of beautiful instruments, a pair of emotes that smooch your character on the cheek and a lovely, simple Rose emote to display at the target of your affections!


Sale Duration:

EST (UTC -5): 10:30 AM, Thursday, Feb. 7th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Feb. 28th

CET (UTC +1): 4:30 PM, Thursday, Feb. 7th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Feb. 28th


Sale Details:

Price: 1,440 Merets (20% Off!)


Lovely Ocarina

Lovely Vibraphone

Smooched by Ruby Emote

Smooched by Bobby Emote

Rose Emote

Can be purchased once per account

Items can also be individually purchased in the Meret Market:

Lovely Ocarina: 600 Merets

Lovely Vibraphone: 600 Merets

Smooched by Ruby Emote: 250 Merets

Smooched by Bobby Emote: 250 Merets

Rose Emote: 100 Merets



Amorous Chocolate Event

It's no fun celebrating Valentine's Day alone, so get together with your fellow Maplers in Queenstown to make and decorate some chocolate to keep you fed in battle!


Event Duration:

EST (UTC -5): 7:00 PM, Wednesday, Feb. 6th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Feb. 28th

CET (UTC +1): 1:00 AM, Thursday, Feb. 7th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Feb. 28th


Event Details:

Collect 3 Valentine's Chocolate Boxes and 3 Heart Sprinkles from the mail every day when you log into MapleStory 2

You can also obtain these items from Event Guide Chocola in Queenstown if you don't have either item

Use a Valentine's Chocolate in Queenstown to place a Chocolate decoration on the ground

Have another player use their Heart Sprinkles on the Chocolate to gain a Bittersweet Chocolate, which restores 800 Health when consumed

Interact with the Chocolate within 5 minutes of sprinkling to claim the reward

Create 30 Bittersweet Chocolates to gain the Amorous Chocolate trophy

Create 40 Bittersweet Chocolates to claim the Sweet Valentine Package, which contains the following items:

Bubbling Love Headgear Outfit

Lovely Valentine's Day Chocolate decoration

Darling Title


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