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MapleStory 2 Patch Notes: Skybound Expansion - Phase 1

Delia Woolf December 06th, 2018 Maplestory 2    Maplestory 2 Mesos   


MapleStory 2 is only just finishing its second month of service, but they've been making so many changes to the core systems that they need a special post just to cover them all. MS 2've made all of the below changes in response to your valued feedback and harsh-but-fair criticism, and they hope that the below changes make MapleStory 2 the best game it can be. Today MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking No.1 during searching “MapleStory 2 Mesos” in Google) will share the details with you Maplers.


Hard Adventure Dungeons


Hard Adventure Dungeons have seen some of the biggest changes, as they work to smooth out the difficulty for players gearing up for Chaos Raids (more on them in a bit).

Prior to the Skybound Expansion, all of MapleStory 2's Hard Adventure Dungeons were intended to be roughly the same difficulty, and had identical reward structures to match. The unfortunate result of this was that players seeking to simply hit the Gear Score requirements for Chaos Raids would repeatedly run "The Fire Dragon" dungeon, as it was the quickest and simplest dungeon to complete, causing progression to feel more and more repetitive.

With the Skybound Expansion, they are adjusting the Hard Adventure Dungeons to fit into three tiers of difficulty. As part of that, The Fire Dragon and Labyrinthine Halls final bosses will be weakened, reducing their health by 10% and attack by 25%. In addition, they are adjusting the formerly-identical Gear Score requirements for the dungeons to the below:



Note: It was deemed that the difficulty and complexity of the BeyondLink Tris and Rune Temple dungeons were already above that of the other dungeons, and would not need to be made more difficult.

Additionally, the rewards for those dungeons are being adjusted. Previously, you could get Epic-quality gear for any item slot from any of the dungeons, which only encouraged repeatedly completing the easiest and fastest one. Instead, each Tier of dungeon will reward from a more limited selection of items, to make finding just the right sword or breastplate easier, as well as a few other additions...




Bonus Re-Rollers allow you to re-roll the types and values of the bonus stats on the noted type of gear, so that if you'd like a second chance at getting better types of attributes on your enchanted gears, you can re-roll using these and keep or discard re-rolled bonus stats. It takes 30 runs of BeyondLink Tris or Rune Temple to get enough fragments for an Epic Weapon Bonus Re-roller.

Bonus Value Re-Rollers allow you to re-roll the values of the bonus stats on the noted type of gear, so that if you find an item with the bonus stats you need, but too low to be useful, you can take another roll and keep whichever numbers suit you best. It takes 6 runs of BeyondLink Tris or Rune Temple to get enough fragments for an Epic Armor Bonus Value Re-roller.



Meanwhile, 100 Toad's Toolkit Fragments can be used to create one Toad's Toolkit, an Enchantment Wildcard! These toolkits can be used in place of a copy of the item you're enchanting, making it much easier to get the items you need to upgrade your best Epic gear past +10!

MS 2 hope these changes will help you get your gear in top shape and make yourselves ready for the challenge of Chaos Raids, and speaking of those...


Normal and Hard Chaos Raids


Chaos Raids are the most challenging content in MapleStory 2, and they didn't want that to change. MS 2 want your first time taking down Devorak, Captain Moch and Papulatus to make you shout for joy, to be something that truly must be earned...

...but they also recognize that the jump in difficulty from Hard Adventure Dungeons to Chaos Raids was too much, and there needed to be a stepping stone to get you to a place where you feel like you have a fighting chance on your first go. The natural solution was to create that stepping stone, renaming the current set as Hard Chaos Raids and creating the new Normal Chaos Raids!



A Normal Chaos Raid is a blend of the accessibility of Hard Adventure Dungeons and the challenge of Chaos Raids:

• Gear Score requirements are the same between Normal and Hard mode.

• A maximum party of 6 players can enter a Normal Chaos Raid

• Normal Chaos Raid Bosses have considerably less health and do less damage with their attacks, but you still must defeat the boss in under 15 minutes and safe revivals are still limited

• Normal and Hard Chaos Raids share daily and weekly raid limits

• Ludibrium Clock Tower is only available in Hard Difficulty, no easy mode for the clock master!

• The rewards are as follows. Playing only Normal Chaos Raids can eventually get the same quality of equipment as Hard Chaos Raids, but will take considerably longer:



Daily Missions


MS 2're also improving Daily Missions, so that you can get more consistent rewards without needing to grind through all the missions every day. With the Skybound Expansion, you will instead gain Weekly Mission Points with every Daily Mission you complete, with the points carrying over day after day.



With every 300 Mission Points you earn each week, you'll earn a Gold Mission Complete Box, containing a set array of items; no more needing to pray to the dice for favor. Do your daily missions and you'll be able to pick up the following prizes!

• 300 Mission Points: Gold Mission Complete Box (Tier 1), containing 2,400 Onyx Crystals, 10 Blue Stars, 8 Metacell and 4 Chaos Onyx Crystals

• 600 Mission Points: Gold Mission Complete Box (Tier 2), containing 4,800 Onyx Crystals, 20 Blue Stars, 16 Metacell and 6 Chaos Onyx Crystals

• 900 Mission Points: Gold Mission Complete Box (Tier 3), containing 7,200 Onyx Crystals, 30 Blue Stars, 24 Metacell and 10 Chaos Onyx Crystals


That's not all, of course. While the changes to Hard Adventure Dungeons, the addition of Normal Chaos Raids and more reliable Daily Missions are the big headliners, they also have dozens of other changes. Please check out the full patch notes if you want to know more.


Thank you for reading. More updated MapleStory 2 News and Guides will be coming soon. More MapleStory 2 challenges are waiting for you. If you need to buy MapleStory 2 Mesos to help you, MmoGah.com will be your best choice. As a trustworthy Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos store, MmoGah has over 12 years’ experience in the gaming market. Whenever you need us, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Online Live Chat.


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