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MapleStory 2: Hard Adventure Dungeon Change

Delia Woolf December 03rd, 2018 Maplestory 2    Maplestory 2 Mesos   


The MapleStory 2 studio has been actively reviewing the overall gear progression data for the past few weeks, and have finally confirmed one addition to the current dungeon. Please understand that sometimes they cannot disclose anything until they review and finalize details. Since dungeon changes can impact the overall speed of gear progression, which can impact the overall lifecycle of the game, the team there and at the dev studio have been pulling data and tracking gear score distribution every week to see the trend. And as of last night, they could confirm that they want to experiment with some things in the December 6th update. Today MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking No.1 during searching “MapleStory 2 Mesos” in Google) will share the details with you Maplers.


Hard Adventure Dungeon Change


I wouldn’t call this particular part a change, but more an experiment to test the speed of gear progression in the form of an event. You’ll see this experiment in action from the newly added item in the reward lists of Hard Adventure Dungeons with the tag“EVENT”. Again, this is more of an experiment, but MS 2 decided to use the already existing “EVENT” tag for now.


Starting with the December 6th update, all the Hard Adventure Dungeons will be dropping an item called Toad's Toolkit Fragment (final name TBD). You will be getting 10 fragments per dungeon clear, and with 20 fragments, you will be able to create a Toad's Toolkit (final name TBD). This stone can be consumed instead of a copy of gear that you need to use when enchanting Epic gear. This stone essentially works like a wildcard, and can be used for any armor or weapon.


This is identical to getting 30 pieces of gear of your class and type (including weapons) which can be used for enchanting. This item was sold for NX in another region, but MS 2 are testing this in the dungeons as a drop to see how the inclusion of this item changes overall progression for the Epic gear.


This will be run as an event until January 10th. Before the event ends, they will evaluate how this change impacted overall progression and will announce the next steps after that.


This item was already in review by the MapleStory 2 dev studio for the past few weeks, and they’ve reached a decision and finalized the plan yesterday.


To summarize:


Newly proposed three-step Hard Adventure Dungeon will stay the same

    。MS 2 respect the MapleStory 2 dev studio’s design direction to get new players started in dungeons by letting players focus on the different parts of gear that they need step-by-step. This allows the community to go through a variety of dungeon contents earlier

    。This design will create a more structured flow to have players go through each dungeon and choose which dungeon to play based on their gear situation. For example, they are expecting players with high gear scores and Legendary gear will play the dungeons that have a shorter playing time to collect resources and players who need to focus on weapons to play the dungeons with weapons. Players who want to re-roll their optional stats for their already enchanted gear will play the dungeon with Re-roller fragments.

Addition of Epic Todd’s Enchanting Stone Fragments will be run as an experiment for over a month with the tag of “EVENT” to test the progression

    。Before January 10th, they will be reviewing the data and will provide information on the next steps

    。Depending on the data, they will be coming up with new system improvements or will continue with the experiment if they need more data points to better assess the gear progression design


I would like to emphasize that it is very tricky to make changes to intricate systems, especially when the game has been released and has already gone through a large number of changes. The development studio spent a very long time coming up with the specifics of MapleStory 2’s progression system, and as they work to improve it they need to make sure that the new models will work well.


MS 2 hope this month-long experiment can give the studio enough of data to make a decision on next steps, and create a better experience for the game going forward.


Meso Seller & Bots


MapleStory 2 team has been seeing feedback regarding the overall restriction putting into the black market and the Crystal Fragments. They understand the inconvenience players will be going through, but after a thorough review, they decided to pull the trigger after ensuring it does not impact the normal gameplay.


The vast majority of transactions under level 50 and 60 at the Black Market were used by Meso Sellers, creating or transferring mesos to the RMT buyers. They do have all the logs from Black Market who sold which item at what price, and their filters can easily catch who is making suspicious transactions with meso sellers. Please refrain from purchasing meso from these sellers.


MS 2 will be reviewing more measures which can solve the issue without creating too much friction on the player’s end, and will provide more updates later on.


MS 2 look forward to see everyone in game with the Skybound Expansion next week. The team is working hard to prepare everything for the update, and to ensure that they have don’t face any technical issues with the major expansion.


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