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MapleStory 2 Event: Holiday Bonus Giveaway on Dec.19-31

Delia Woolf December 19th, 2018 Maplestory 2    Maplestory 2 Mesos   


MapleStory 2 are closing out 2018 with the biggest gift since launch for all of the favorite Maplers, including a full set of Epic equipment, a wealth of items to improve and tune your gear and a special event cutting the cost of Accessory Fusion in half! Today MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking No.1 during searching “MapleStory 2 Mesos” in Google) will share the details with you Maplers.


Holiday Bonus Giveaway



Event Duration:

PST: Dec. 19th - Dec. 31st

Event Details:

• Log in to MapleStory 2 with a character Lv. 50 or above to receive all of the following packages below as part of the 2018 Thank-You Package!

Full Epic Set Gift, which contains:

Epic Armor Set

   Includes an Epic Lv. 50 Headgear, Top, Bottom, Gloves and Shoes

   Can’t be dismantled

   Can be used for enchants

Epic Weapon Selection Box

   Includes an Epic Lv. 50 weapon for your class

   Can’t be dismantled

   Can be used for enchants

Epic Absolute Accessory Selection Box x5

   Gives your choice of Epic Lv. 50 Accessories, five times over

   Can’t be dismantled

   Can be used for socket opening

Enchanting Gift, which contains:

Epic +10 Enchant Scroll Selection Box x3

   Upon opening, you can choose between

      Weapon Enchant Scrolls for your class

      Armor Enchant Scrolls

Toad’s Toolkit x5

Onyx Crystal x10,000

Gemstone Gift, which contains:

Tier 2 Offense Gemstone x3

   Account Bound

Epic 1 Socket Conversion Scroll x3

   Each scroll unlocks the first socket on a piece of Epic Lv. 50 accessory

   Applying this scroll will make the accessory untradable, but can still be transferred between characters on the same account via the in-game bank

Yellow Gem Dust x200

Purple Gem Dust x200

Blue Gem Dust x200

Bonus Attribute Gift, which contains:

   Epic Armor Bonus Value Re-Roller x15

   Epic Weapon Bonus Re-Roller Selection Box x5

   Epic Accessory Bonus Value Re-Roller x5

Gift boxes cannot be sold or traded, but can be moved between characters on the same account via the in-game bank

Individual items are bound to character unless stated otherwise


Accessory Fusion Cost Discount


Event Duration:

PST: Dec. 19th - Dec. 31st

Event Details:

• Accessory Fusion Prices will be reduced by 50%

  。For example, the Aboslute Earrings Fragment Fusion cost will be reduced from 500,000 mesos to 250,000 mesos


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