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MapleStory 2: Current Status after Launching Head Start

Delia Woolf October 09th, 2018 Maplestory 2    Maplestory 2 Mesos   


It has been an amazing week since Nexon launched Head Start of MapleStory 2 on October 1st and October 4th on Steam. Today, MmoGah (a professional MapleStory 2 Trade site) would like to take some time and share what Nexon have seen from the game for the past seven days, and want to provide transparency on what they are working on and how they are trying to improve the game in general.


State of the Game


In general, the servers have been very stable and they didn't experience any critical issues. Due to unforeseen last minute issues, they delayed server open time for 30 minutes, and to fix an issue with some players not receiving founder's packs, they had a short maintenance on the second day of the service.



Top Priority Issues


After Head Start, they have found many small to big issues. Would like to share what they have found and how they are prioritizing them to fix these issues.


Meso Bots/Farmer Issues

They are seeing lots of Meso Sellers creating bot accounts, and spamming world chat, channel chat or even sending out random mail or whispers.

They are preparing a few solutions and would like to share what they have been working on. MapleStory 2 won't be sharing detailed numbers to avoid giving out too much information to Meso sellers, but will share general systems they are working on.

But first of all, PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS WITH MESO SELLERS. It is against the terms of use, and once they track the logs, you will be also banned from the game if you make any purchase from illegal Meso Sellers.


Solution of Working on


Mailbox Improvements

They temporarily disabled mailbox feature to stop Meso Sellers from spamming mails. To stop mail spams, they have disabled the feature temporarily. Nexon apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Currently, they are working on putting limitations to use the mailbox. Once it is done, you will be required to reach a certain level to use the function, also there will be a limitation on how much mail you can send out per day.


Trade Requirements

To prevent Meso Sellers from easily creating an account and making Meso trades, they are going to increase our limits to level 50 for Meso trades. Meaning you won't be able to trade anything that involves Meso until one of your characters within your account reaches level 50.

They will adjust this accordingly to control the situation.


World Chat/Channel Chat

They are going to put more restriction on World Chat. This is the main means for Meso Sellers to promote their sites, and also they are making charge backs after using all the world chats. Nexon are going to put a restriction on levels, and how many you can use.

You will need one of your characters within your account reach level 50 to use the World Chat. Also, they will be removing the free World Chat at earlier levels to combat Meso Sellers making spam.


Automated Ban System

Also, they are upgrading our ban system to detect spam more effectively and ban those accounts from the game automatically.



Known Game Blocker Issues


After Steam Launch they have seen few critical issues which prevent small group of players from playing the game. The following issues have been identified, and would like to update how they are working to resolve those issues.


Account Blocked: (STEAM ONLY)

Current player flow is not intuitive for players who come back to Nexon games on Steam in a long time. You might be getting a message saying your account is blocked and in most of those cases you are incorrectly getting the message because you have been inactive for long time. If you are getting this message, please contact customer support.

They are working on easier fix for this, and hopefully they can get these fixed by tomorrow afternoon. Please stay tuned for more updates.


Client Not Loading

They currently have identified three different issues when starting the game client. When you are stuck at the NEXON logo screen: please try to change your audio to monitor or other defaults. Sometimes game client conflicts with your audio which causes this issue.

When you are stuck at the MapleStory 2 logo (on Steam) and the client closes without even showing the Nexon logo: they are still looking into the issue, but didn't find a resolution yet. Please try to play the game on Nexon Launcher if you are facing this issue. If you use your linked email account, you will have no issue playing the game on Nexon Launcher.

Players seeing the "Oops, Something Went Terribly Wrong" message on Steam: they found a potential fix for this issue and have deployed the fix, so please let us know if you are still experiencing the issue.


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