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MapleStory 2: Attack of the Giant Turkey Events


Thanksgiving comes to America in a few weeks, and the favored meal isn't going to be taking it lying down. The Chaos Rising Update of MapleStory 2 features a massive, fowl menace seeking to crush Maplers under its claws, and a lovely Maple Tree that's begging to grow! Today MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking No.1 during searching “MapleStory 2 Mesos” in Google) will share more details with you Maplers.



Turkey Terror Event

This fowl monster knows what is coming for his brethren, and he's not going to take it! This massive monster will invade Revoldic Dam at the start of every hour and battle against any Maplers that cross his way. Don't go alone, because this feathered menace is no chicken and more than powerful enough to turn unprepared fighters into birdseed!



Take the Giant Turkey down for a number of rewards, including a unique title, special decorations, some tasty Roasted Turkey and the Dashing Turkey ground mount!


Event Duration: End of Maintenance, Thursday, Nov. 8th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Dec. 6th


Event Details:

Speak to Ruby in Queenstown to accept the Turkey Terror daily quest (min Lv. 10) and Turkey Dinner quest

Head to the Eastern portion of the Revoldic Dam at the start of every hour to do battle with this monstrosity!

Defeating the Giant Turkey will complete the Turkey Terror quest, giving you 50x Roasted Turkey!

      Roasted Turkey is consumed like a Potion, immediately restoring 800 health

Complete the Turkey Terror quest 10 times to complete the Turkey Dinner quest and receive the Dashing Turkey ground mount

Defeat the Wild Turkey 20 times to receive the Turkinator title

Defeat the Wild Turkey 20 times to receive the Garden Party Feast Table decoration

Defeat the Wild Turkey 30 times to receive the Garden Party Turkey Balloon decoration



Maple Harvest Event

A lovely Maple Tree has been planted in the Queenstown gardens, and everyone's favorite event coordinators Ruby and Bobby want your help growing the tree as tall as possible!



Get Nutritious Fertilizer from logging in every day and doing various other actions and help the tree grow, in exchange for Maple Leaves which can be traded for a variety of prizes! And every Sunday, head to Queenstown to get a Maple Tree's Blessing Box from the fully grown Maple Tree!


Event Duration: End of Maintenance, Thursday, Nov. 8th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Dec. 6th


Event Details:

Every day you login to MapleStory 2, you'll receive 3x Nutritious Fertilizer, which you can use to feed the Maple Tree Stump or Maple Tree to help it grow!

Each Fertilizer you use will reward you with a Maple Leaf

Nutritious Fertilizers can also be obtained in a few other ways:

     Winning one of MC Kay's mini-games will reward you with Nutritious Fertilizer

     Each successfully caught Fish has a small chance of giving you a Nutritious Fertilizer

     Performing has a small chance of giving you a Nutritious Fertilizer every 15 seconds

You can get up to 10 Maple Leaves per day

Bring your Maple Leaves to NPC Bobby in Queenstown for a special set of prizes!

     35x Maple Leaves: Yellow Flying Flower flying mount

     30x Maple Leaves: Jerk-in-the-Box ground mount

     25x Maple Leaves: Dancing Flower Headgear Outfit

     20x Maple Leaves: Red Maple Tree decoration

     15x Maple Leaves: Auto-Fishing Voucher (30 Min)

     15x Maple Leaves: Auto-Performance Voucher (30 Min)

     5x Maple Leaves: Maple Syrup potion, which restores 800 health when used

     5x Maple Leaves: Instant Gathering Voucher

Every Sunday, commune with the fully grown Maple Tree to gain a Maple Tree Gift Box, which contains all of the following items:

     5x Minty Maple Cookie, which restore 70 Spirit when used

     5x Spoiled Maple Cookie, which... "disagree" with your stomach when consumed

     10x Maple Syrup potion, which restores 800 health when used

     2x Auto-Fishing Voucher (30 Min)

     2x Auto-Performance Voucher (30 Min)

     5x Instant Gathering Voucher

     Revive Voucher

     10x Rotors Walkie-Talkies

     Superb Experience Booster +100% (1 Hour)

Fully Grown Maple Tree will appear during the following times each week:

     UTC: 12:00 AM Sunday - 12:00 AM Monday

     PST (UTC -8): 4:00 PM Saturday - 4:00 PM Sunday

     EST (UTC -5): 7:00 PM Saturday - 7:00 PM Sunday

     BRST (UTC -2): 10:00 PM Saturday - 10:00 PM Sunday

     CET (UTC +1): 1:00 AM Sunday - 1:00 AM Monday

     AEDT (UTC +11): 11:00 AM Sunday - 11:00 AM Monday

Fertilize the Maple Tree 100 times to complete Tending the Maple Tree trophy and earn the Bountiful title!

Maple Leaves and rewards cannot be sold or traded, but can be transferred to other characters on the same account via the in-game bank


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