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Madden 19: New Screenshots from MUT, Connected Franchise, Gameplay, and Longshot Homecoming

Madden 18 added a new mode called Longshot. This year, Longshot is coming back with a new story called Longshot: Homecoming. Last Saturday, EA has released some screenshots from Madden 19 MUT, connected franchise, gameplay and Longshot Homecoming. Let's take it one mode at a time.

Madden 19 Gameplay

Madden Ultimate Team

We already learned a great deal about MUT last week with the official reveal. These screenshots paint an even clearer picture of what the mode has to offer this year. These screens include the ones for the Solo Battles, which is the new piece of MUT.

MUT Solo Battles

MUT Solo Battle

MUT challenges

MUT Bell 2

MUT Bell


Longshot Homecoming

Madden 18 added cool new mode in the form of a narrative adventure called Longshot. It told the story of a local nobody, Devin Wade, trying to make it through high school and college and into the NFL. The story ended with Wade in training camp for the Dallas Cowboys, with the other character, Colt Cruise, not making it to NFL. There were a lot of loose ends. So thankfully, EA Sports is continuing the story with this year's Madden 19.


We can only tell so much from the images below, but it looks like Colt Cruise and Devin Wade return in what's being called Longshot Homecoming. From the looks of the screens below, Wade is playing with the Dallas Cowboys and Cruise may be the head coach of the duos old high school team.

Longshot Colt

Madden Longshot


Madden Longshot


There is a new more human look to the menu system. You can see Odell Beckham Jr's tattoos are in the game. I don't see a ton of innovation in the mode from these screens, but we did learn that we'll be able to create and share draft classes. So that's already an upgrade.

Dak Prescott

Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett

Derrick Henry

Odell Beckham

Madden 19 CFM

Carson Wentz

Madden 19 CFM



The gameplay is the most important aspect of every release. While we can't learn much from screenshots about this area of the game, we can see player-specific visual details and the overall beauty of the game.

Richard Sherman

Jalen Ramsey

Kareem Hunt

Matthew Stafford

LeVeon Bell

Baker Mayfield

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