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Madden 18: You Can Play with the NFL Rookies Now

The first round of the 2018 NFL Draft is complete, and with impressive speed, EA has already made all 32 players available in Madden 18 Ultimate Team. That means you can play with the fresh quarterback Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns) and running back Saquon Barkley (New York Giants) now. 


There are five quarterbacks are available for you to flesh out your fantasy roster. They are Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns), Sam Darnold (New York Jets), Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills), Josh Rosen (Arizona Cardinals), and Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens).


Mayfield was drafted by the Browns first overall, which makes him the best new player available with an OVR of 99 on his 'Future Star' card. Running backs are not as many as quarterbacks in the first round, but there are still three for you to select from should you have sufficient MUT Coins: second overall pick Saquon Barkley (New York Giants), Rashaad Penny (Seattle Seahawks), and Sony Michel (New England Patriots). 


Below are the latest 'Future Star' card ratings for the quarterbacks and running backs we have mentioned above, plus other notable players from the first round – such as the first players selected at cornerback (Denzel Ward, Cleveland), defensive end (Bradley Chubb, Denver) and wide receiver (DJ Moore, Carolina). All have more affordable 'Rookie' cards in the game too, which are generally rated 10 OVR points less than the 'Future Star' version.


QB: Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns)



Overall 99

Speed 81

Acceleration 85

Agility 78

Awareness 97

Passing Accuracy (Short) 97

Passing Accuracy (Mid-range) 95

Playaction Passing 90

Throwing On The Run 94



QB: Sam Darnold (New York Jets)



Overall 98

Speed 72

Acceleration 79

Agility 74

Awareness 99

Passing Accuracy (Short) 98

Passing Accuracy (Mid-range) 96

Throwing On The Run 90



QB: Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills)



Overall 97

Speed 80

Acceleration 86

Agility 79

Awareness 95

Passing Accuracy (Short) 93

Passing Accuracy (Mid-range) 91

Playaction Passing 86

Throwing On The Run 96



QB: Josh Rosen (Arizona Cardinals)



Overall 97

Speed 68

Acceleration 78

Agility 72

Awareness 97

Passing Accuracy (Short) 96

Passing Accuracy (Mid-range) 96

Playaction Passing 96

Throwing On The Run 84


QB: Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)



Overall 95

Speed 88

Acceleration 93

Agility 95

Awareness 93

Passing Accuracy (Short) 91

Passing Accuracy (Mid-range) 88

Playaction Passing 88

Throwing On The Run 92.


RB: Saquon Barkley (New York Giants)



Overall 98

Speed 95

Acceleration 96

Agility 92

Strength 79

Carrying 96

Spin Move 95

Trucking 94

Juke Move 97 


RB: Rashaad Penny (Seattle Seahawks)



Overall 95

Speed 95

Acceleration 97

Agility 97

Strength 70

Carrying 95

Spin Move 91

Trucking 78

Juke Move 92


RB: Sony Michel (New England Patriots)


Overall 95

Speed 92

Acceleration 94

Agility 96

Strength 77

Carrying 94

Spin Move 93

Trucking 78

Juke Move 95 


WR: DJ Moore (Carolina Panthers)



Overall 95

Speed 95

Acceleration 96

Agility 97

Catching 88

Spectacular Catch 96

Release 95

Elusiveness 93

Catch in Traffic 93

Jumping 96


CB: Denzel Ward (Cleveland Browns)




Overall 98

Speed 97

Acceleration 97

Agility 96

Man Coverage 98

Zone Coverage 94

Play Recognition 96

Catching 84

Pursuit 82


DE: Bradley Chubb (Denver Broncos)



Overall 98

Speed 83

Acceleration 93

Agility 87

Strength 97

Tackling 94

Block Shedding 94

Play Recognition 97


G: Quenton Nelson



Overall 97

Strength 96

Acceleration 81

Agility 68

Run Block 93

Pass Block 98

Awareness 96

Speed 68

Agility 68



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