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League Of Legends New Featured Game Mode “Nemesis Draft”: In a Dilemma Choice

Some time ago, the multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Riot Games presented a new mode that players of "League of Legends" can try out on PBE. It’s a 5v5 battle played on Summoner’s Rift. In it, each five-man team will choose one champion at a time for the opposition.

“Nemesis Draft” Featured Game Mode: In a Dilemma Choice

Both teams will then have the opportunity to ban up to three champions, and after all champions have been selected, players will be able to trade them amongst themselves to maximize their effectiveness. Champions given to the opposing team are chosen from those available to your allies, and players will be able to play any champ they’re given, even if they don’t actually own it.

Well, this mode sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Will you take weak champions banned to prevent others selecting them for you, or leave them to the other side? The other side must not make OP champions for you, and you would certainly never choose them as enemies. But if there are the champions can restraint others, would you ban them?

Popular champions may be banned, and people begin to pay attention to some less common champions. For example, the Headsman’s Pride, Urgot.

“Nemesis Draft” Featured Game Mode: In a Dilemma Choice

Urgot is a very heated discussion in reddit, players have said: “I can see Urgot having a ~100% ban rate.” “Incoming Urgots” “I’m ready for the 100% Urgot pick/ban”

Why is it?

Urgot is a special champion because he is called ‘anti ADC’ among players. His damage is very high and his ultimate skill could prohibit enemy ADC displacement. But, he is very difficult to use. If you know how to use Urgot, then he is an OP champion; if you don’t know, then he is just like a waste.

Currently, many people begin to learn how to use Urgot, to not affect the teammate when they get the champion. How will it pan out? We don’t know.

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