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Guild Wars 2(GW2) The Awesome MMORPG You Can't Miss

John Ryan August 26th, 2014 Guild Wars 2    MmoGah News

ArenaNet is a North America's game firm affiliated with NCSOFT, the MMORPG giant, based on extending Guild Wars' fantastic epic scene, gave Guild Wars 2 a new life and raised it to the top of MMORPG. GW2 is regarded as the greatest success in the history of MMORPG, with first sale amount in US breaking 3 million as well as testimonials of numerous players and media.
Maybe some with no experience of playing this game have doubted the things above, but now leave them rest aside. For so many players around the world are enjoying their happy time with GW2.Well, I present the striking points of GW2 in the following:

Magnificent scene with extreme delicate balance
The scene is made by the best physical engine Havok, in order to let you enjoy the splendid and meticulous descriptive world, extending from the flickering aurora of Northern plain to Dungeons in the mountainous waves.

External adventure, exploring your own way as a hero
The Tyria takes an area of 114 squares equivalent to the size of a city in the real world. The map of it is so vast that you can visit more than two thousand spots.

Skills improved, exciting structured PvP
Altering the fighting mode of GW, GW2 will give you a real experience. Skills change with the game types. Generally, if you change your type as well as retain your weapon, your new skill attained is quite different from your previous one. And all the skills can be launched as you move as a Necromancer, except for the AOE. With regards to the PvP, you couldn't feel better than that. PvP describes Player versus Player mode which allows competition on an even footing. Three arena types are available and you can choose any of them, up to your interest. There is only one point you need to know that your equipment attained in PVE can't be taken to that arena, owing to PvP's completely independent system of equipment and materials.

Jumping puzzle and currency
Jumping puzzle is a place, where there is a different puzzle in separate zone. Differ to discovering spot, puzzle can't be signed and you have to explore by yourself. By the way, the picture below is the jumping puzzle map of plain of Ashford. Currency describes the game's unit of commerce which is used to pay for goods and services. You can obtain gold from loot or complete events or achievements. If you don't have enough Guild Wars 2 GOLD
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