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An Apology Letter to A Guild Wars 2 Gold Buyer from Mmogah

John Ryan September 08th, 2014 Guild Wars 2    MmoGah News

Today, We Mmogah.com received a Guild Wars 2 Gold order. But its price and amount surprised us. We contacted the buyer immediately, explained the error on the order, took advice from him, asked him if we deliver him 100G for the order, or we refund him then he places another 1500G order. He refused us and persisted we should deliver him the order.


Quote: adam, United States


Worst experience I've had!!!!!! There system is flawed and charged me 8.16 for 1500 gold!/not my fault that they
have a flawed system! But they didn't honor their price and mistake!!! Will never buy from here again!!!



Sorry for the inconvenience this caused to you. This is a Guild Wars 2 US gold order.Currently it is $8.16 for 100G. That we recieved an order from you is $8.16 for 1500G, actually it should be $122.4 for 1500G. We were suprised at the error, don't know what caused it. We have informed our site technician to address the issue. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Still hope you can accept our apology. We are very sorry for that we cant deliver you 1500G for this order, chose to refund you and fix our problem by another way. Hopefully you can understand us and still choose us as your gw2 gold seller, we can deliver you more as bonus as a deep apology. We are honest!

Any way, thank you very much for buying from us.


Mmogah Team


From: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/mmogah.com


The situation that happened was unexpected. It is without doubt our site's flaw. We apologize for the solution did not satisfy our customer, however we wish our customer could understand us and support us. We will always be honest, try our best to sell cheap gold and do as fast delivery as possible. Customer's 100% satisfaction is Mmogah's goal.

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