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What is the Best Way to Score Goals in FIFA 17

Shirley Huang October 21st, 2016 FIFA   

Soccer is far more complex than it looks, but all players of both teams want to score more goals. Scoring is easier said than done, but you have a good chance of succeeding against your rivals if you master some skills.

In FIFA17, you cannot neglect the importance of mastering the art of shooting perfect Penalty, Free Kick, Corner, Throw-in and Driven Shot. You may have been a FIFA 16 master, but you'll have to learn some new ways to score if you want to beat the best in FIFA17. Here Mmogah as a trustworthy FIFA 17 coins site shows you the best ways to score goals.

Possibly the easiest way to get on the scoreboard is through header. Simply get one of the players, preferably on the wing, and get him to the far edge near the box. Therefore, hold the cross button for that player to cross the ball to the center, and then press shoot to enable the one player who is the nearest to the ball execute a driven header.



1. Push the left-analogue-stick in any direction;

2. If you want a high penalty kick, you need no more than 2 bars;

3. If you want a low penalty kick, a tad over 1 bar should suffice.

You can change your starting position using the right-analogue-stick. For the penalty shootout, choose someone with decent shot value and never let the bar reach more than 50% or the ball will fall next to the gate.

You can also try faking out the goalkeeper by going down the middle. Practice makes perfect, so keep trying!

As a goalkeeper, you can move using the right-analogue-stick. However, you can move accordingly but dive only after striker touches the ball, not before he touches the ball.


Free Kick

One of the most significant changes is that FIFA 17's set-pieces have been re-written. As a result, scoring on a free kick is a little different than what you might be used to.

Make sure to choose the player who has strong feet, high shooting power and kick stat for the free kick. The players from the opposing end are in the line with the net while going for free kick. Make sure to stay under two thirds of the ball's power, otherwise, it will fall outside the gate.

1. Take into account whether your kickers are right-footed or left-footed. If they're right-footed, aim for the left post; if they're left-footed, aim for the right post;

2. Aim for the kick in the space between the rightmost or leftmost defender on the wall;

3. Charge up your shot to around the midpoint;

4. Hold up on the left stick to add spin to the shot.

If you've aimed correctly, the shot will curve nicely into a spot where the keeper can't reach it.



Perfect timing and cross attribute are important when it comes to corner. In order to master the technique, practice them in Free Mode. After choosing the player, move the yellow cursor to the targeted area and choose your desired power. Once done, move the desired player into position and take the shot. It is highly recommended that you go with front-post or back-post, and give some space to yourself for clear run-up.



If you like to fake throw-in, you need to have a clear understanding of which player to throw to and which one to fake to. Once you have decided that, all you need to do is to press B then A on Xbox One.

Make sure to point the left-analogue-stick towards the player you want to throw to. If you are succeeded in executing properly, it will help you get back in the game and even score.


Driven Shot

FIFA 17 refined the shooting in the game. Instead of powerful kick making the ball go way above the goal, FIFA 17 implements the “Driven Shot.” This means that you just have to hold shoot button until three bar, and then release it to make that driven shot.


Above ways are the best ways to help you score more goals, but it depends on how you execute them. If you need FIFA 17 coins, you can buy fifa 17 coins (fifa 17 coins kaufen) from a professional fifa ultimate coins site. Mmogah has more than 10 years' experience in the gaming market, which can provide satisfied service for you.

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