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Ultimate Team UP and a New Player Entered into Fifa 15

John Ryan February 28th, 2015 FIFA   

After winter transfer market finished, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team UP is one of the hottest topics. EA Sports has updated near one hundred players’ attributes. These players are containing Agüero, Handanovič and Matic etc who we are familiar with. The abilities of these players have raised. The following chart is about the players’ detailed overall rating update which is added more than 5 points.


Kane is the biggest winner. His overall rating added 8. However his attributes of the gold cards can’t be improved. Only IF can enhance its attributes with the up attributes. Therefore, if you want the up attributes of players, you should buy the IF card of the player that you want instead of gold cards.

Every week the player who does excellent in the league or international course will be selected into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by EA. You can challenge the ultimate team in the ultimate team mode for fifa 15 coins. At the same time, you can gain these players cards with extremely collection value by drawing the package in a week.

French legend Blanc came out, but only for XBOX. Blanc is such a good coach and an amazing defender. He is the calm type that talks a lot to his players instead of forcing his choices. He has managed to handle difficult players like Zlatan pretty well. So far they mostly praise his football philosophy including ball possession, technical plays and high pressing.

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