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TOTS Lenglet SBC FIFA 19 + La Liga Upgrade Packs

Shirley Huang June 07th, 2019 FIFA   

The La Liga Team of the Season is here! The most impressive players in Spain’s top flight this season are being recognized with special TOTS player items. EA released a brand new TOTS SBC: Barcelona’s Clement Lenglet. Upgrade your FUT squad with many player items, as they can only be found in packs for a limited time. Now La Liga players are quite expensive, so opting for the Premier League would probably be a good option for both squads.

This is a real player NepentheZ’s video. It guides you to learn 88 Rated Lenglet TOTS SBC and La Liga upgrade packs!  

EA released a brand new SBC: Barcelona’s Clement Lenglet, so I am going to open some packs. At first I need to fill up my club. Now you can see our premium SBC team of season moments are Lenglet La Liga team of the season and League upgrade squad building challenges, which are live for a limited time.

I like this card because Lenglet has four stars weak foot, medium Height brilliant six one, not amazing not terrible. Good Pace (81), good Defending (90), good Physical (86), and Dribbling (75) is quite nice, but his Passing (68) worries me.


With this card, it is only two segments and anchor chemical would be good. It would take him to 97 jumping, 98 strength, 98 aggression, 97 slide, 98 stand, 99 marking, 93 heading and 97 interceptions. Very nice! His reactions all control composure and not high-end. His passing is good, but it is no better than his pace. We are going to complete it and the League Guaranteed SBCs at some stage. We always open some of these promo packs, so you know we’ve done a lot of SBCs recently, but it is hard to open blue packs now.


The team of the season is undesirable. The Major League informs the league SBC: don’t put the fourth tots player at some stage in the game, maybe they’ll do after all the tots have been released, that would still be nice to see the upgrades.

I think the weekly objectives are good if you are free to play. If you have rich time, those weekly objectives have probably enhanced your club and the individual guaranteed league SBC.


So far we have learned toward 12,000 fifa points. I’ve got two packs, and I am going to get another one blue pack that would be nice at this stage.

Here Sergi Roberto is nice, so we are definitely going be able to use some La Liga players to get this new SBC. Let’s get the rare mega pack that we can get now, or we can get another pack about 10,000 futcoins in a bag.


La Liga Santander Players: Min 1

Team of the Week Players: Min. 1

Squad Rating: Min. 84

Team Chemistry: Min. 80

FIFA 19 Pack Reward: Mega Pack


Let’s pop Bernardo Silva in there, and his chemistry is only 84. We just need a Liga Santander player who fits in the rating, and we are really hoping that EA will give us league SBC upgrades so that we can actually get involved with them, start to have fun with them. With 84 rating, he is perfect here.

Williams comes in with 450k fifa ultimate team coins, and then long lay here comes in with 120k fut coins for an 88 rated that relatively usable but not an insane card. It’s not a team of the season card either, so it won’t count for SBC’s that requires guarantee. Its League upgrades are there, so you have to complete Lenglet to unlock them, and it would be crazy.


Walking out from the mega pack but not blue. It’s not too bad to take some money back that we just put into the Lenglet card right. 85 Falcao is also nice so that was quite useful.

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