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The Best Squad Building Challenges Packs in FIFA 19

Shirley Huang January 28th, 2019 FIFA    MmoGah News

A brand new game mode this year in FIFA 19 ultimate team is Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). SBC is a single player game mode, and it rewards the best single players with amazing prizes.

The goal is to complete challenges to earn in-game rewards such as fifa 19 coins. Here mmogah as a professional futcoins store will share these awesome sbc packs to help you compete challenges.


Center-back (CB): Campbell

The prime SBC player is Campbell who is an absolute beast, six-foot-two height, 80 Pace, 90 Defending and 90 Physical attribute. He’s got 77 Acceleration and 83 Sprint Speed with shadow.

He has more than enough speed for a center-back (CB) with 91 Marking, 88 Stand tackle, 93 Slide tackle. Especially he excels at 95 Strength, 88 Jumping, 89 Aggression and 80 Stamina.

He is an absolute beast player and he cost around 650,000 coins without opening the packs.


I think at the end of day he will cost around 500,000 coins, because I had some untradeable in the club. Why do I call Campbell one of the best but is not the best sbc at this moment, because later in the game you can also use this to invest if you don’t like him, which is very profitable.

Remember this will cost around 500,000 coins other than icons are plus 600,000 coins before opening the packs.


Sometimes these players can prove to be quite profitable depends guys never quick sell them, and always list them even if you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to check them, you only just list them over there with minimum and max bio and you are going to see afterwards.

If that player was worth you lose max 10% of the value, even you don’t put the right price on it, you should list him.


Central Midfielder (CM): Santi Cazorla

Let us see what this brings us, he is Spanish Central Midfielder Santi Cazorla.


Cazorla is a very good player despite his low pace and physical.

Shooting: His longshots are very efficient.

Passing: He has a talent for passing.

Dribbling: 5 Star skill moves and has the Messi type dribbling.

Defending: He is average in overall, but quite good for intercepting balls.


Center-back (CB): Godin

Let’s see what we are getting. He’s GODIN, and he is good in that direction. When I saw him walk out with the Uruguay flag, I thought it’s going to be soon out. He is the star from FC Barcelona and we get Diego Godin, I am curious how much is he going.

70K, so this pack is around those our players. Let’s say 90,000 with 100,000 so far we made and we still have packs, so 110,000 we have so far from these packs.


Striker (ST): Ibrahimovic

Striker we get flattened Ibrahimovic in a back a couple of thousand I see, what else Gomes compare price how much is it going for really doing, such as 9000 Gomez is the Sikh 5k. So I think it’s a 20k pack, 110 with 20 that’s 130 a rare election players bag.


Center-back (CB): Sokratis

Let’s open this one I am going to exceed the expectations from these rewards already. So 130k from the packs board down again, we are getting Center-back Sokratis from Arsenal, how much in a couple of thousand to see compare price. So 140k jumper a player’s back and rear mega back.


Central Midfielder (CM): Kroos

Let’s go jump or replace back, it should be Alcoa German Central Midfielder from Real Madrid Tony Kroos.

That’s what I am talking about 90 rated Tony Kross. Let’s go come on awesome absolutely, so far we were at 140,000. Oh just Willian, Let’s say 270,000 coins from the backs man which is incredible.


Centre Back (CB): Lenglet

Let’s bring down Frenchman Centre Back from FC Barcelona Lenglet. To be honest, I don’t know how much is going to be, maybe it’s a 20k.

You can click Youtuber Ovvy’s video for more details, and most of this article’s content is quoted from his video.  


Let’s add 10k, just to round things up it’s a 350,000 profits. We all know that the best pools you get in fifa 19 are from SBC that’s incredible, if I sell everything I am going to make around 1.3 million coins something like that, that’s more than enough to get Macula Lee who will place CDM in this position. Davis got a good look great man, and he is going to look absolutely fantastic, well this will build for the horse. I highly advise you to do this SBC if you’ve got the coins that untradeable, it is a fantastic one.


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