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Team of the Season FIFA 18 vs FIFA 19 and FIFA 19 TOTS Predictions

Shirley Huang April 16th, 2019 FIFA    MmoGah News

Team of the Season (TOTS) is a celebration of the best players from this football campaign. The best players are selected by EA and the FIFA community across Europe and the rest of the world. TOTS is one of the most important moments in the game. Throughout TOTS celebration, various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Weekly Objectives will be released with themed rewards, such as packs, TOTS player items and more. FIFA 19 Team of the Season will be released in May.


This is a real player Nick’s video about team of the season FIFA 18 vs FIFA 19 and FIFA 19 TOTS predictions.


This video don’t ask you to sell everything or sell your clubs, this is just a video content wise to understand what will happen in a few weeks, because this year EA has gone insane tots that is one of the biggest promos, so EA will go even harder: what you will most likely see, you will probably get three to four weekly objective players per week. EA is going to put some pretty good cards and it should be pretty fun with how they bring out foot champions upgrades recently.


Last year we used foot head, we can go on a foot back, and we can talk about what happened. I don’t want to focus on the sbc side, because I know most of players want to know about Player of year, but they brought out a community tots player SBC which was exchanged a tots player for the season team players, you would have the opportunity to get a team player, so it was pretty easy the EFL one was not worth it, but the community was worth it and gift you a tots.

This year EA will give you weekly objectives to get these cards, so you will have tots cards to start with. It is not hard to obtain, it seems at the season card, it’s going to be pretty easy, so just keep in mind that you should start to accumulate a lot of team of the season’s weekly rewards. You will have packs when there’s a ton of team of season’s impacts, you will be packing team season, so when you see this team in season requirement, it’s really not that bad especially with the 81, 82 and 83 rating, so got a lot of stuff, that’s really good for community obviously, and then they started doing rest of the world, last year it was not worth, because during tots what happen players are 83 and 84, they are really high because of these constant Sbc requirements last year.

La Liga and Leafs come out bring out a weekly sbc tots, once you get to the end of the season, it called ultimate team of the season. It means that they basically pick 23 best players from the most popular players in team of the season. They put them in one big team and season together and that’s usually to get their last value before team ends, they drop that in two packs, so they bring out two team of the season sbcs for that, it’s untradable and non-repeatable, so you have the chance to get an ultimate team of seasoned players two times, so 83 rating was two team of the seasons, which is really not bad when you have all these team as season cards, which are untradable, so you start accumulating the untradable Star to your club and it starts really adding up to that makes sense to me, that was really like the final thing on tots, and then they bring out festival football. But last year’s tots was basically full of these weekly sbcs, so that’s what you had last year and tots you had this constant kind of non-repeatable weekly sbc. I think that will happen this year, there’s a few things that EA might do differently this year, it will bring out a ton of weekly objectively and a lot of sbcs.

This year EA has been going so crazy content, I can’t regressing or going the other way from last year at all, my Patrick who is a great follow on Twitter at simple blue 88 has been starting to bring out some tots predictions and this tots will probably go down as the highest-rated scene in season in the history of tots.

I’ve never really seen tots players, such as out-out dual team of the year players, but this could be the first year that EA does actually bring out. Players expect how EA runs team in season this year compared to last year, they want to make sure that they have more fifa coins, such Sbc. So if they do the untradeable repeatable sbc, it wouldn’t be surprised.

Everybody spends coins, but it’s going to be very interesting, because a lot of ratings last year were really high and players are interested in trumping team of the seasons this year. Now players what you could expect from tots? You can add a card tots, such as Neymar.


There was a cut mode last year, and world cup mode was the biggest market crash as well as FIFA , it literally each card went down in 50% or 75%, so that was a result of a new game mode and everybody thinks that this shift of interest would go to that game mode when in reality. Everybody played the game mode for a week, so what your guys would see is a continue drop down in price and then a rebound.

You have the opportunity to get 97 Suarez who values would be 500k during tots, that’s pretty crazy guys, so just keep in mind this during the summer and that price will go really low. Trying to find an overpowered card and pull up a card. The sbc supply is only untradable, so none of them really has supply once they go out of packs, so you’ve saw a guy, such as Anderson Talisca last year. 

When he went out of packs, he brought potential crash points and fun Sbcs, but they also bring an opportunity to make a ton of FIFA 19 coins, because these cards went out of packs and you understand when team use season comes out, everybody just wants each season’s team cards which are undervalued.

You can see that really well packs cards will be overvalued, but a guy such as Alex Telles is 90k for this card, it could go both ways really cheap, because the amount of packs and species, but I would pay attention to the values of cards on the market.

Now the team of the season always starts with usually a community and an AFL tots that comes out first, which is what I am worried about this year. Last year was the escape of silver team in season. There was a bronze player and he got a silver, you got a gold. Team of the season card is going to be a weekly objectives, so I think the end of an era of silver tots will done.

When you have EFL tots formation, it’s always supply cards for team in season, you guys go look at graphs from last year EFL team of the season that is really funny, because you have a lot of players that go extinct or crazy. Make sure the tots do hit discard early, definitely want to take a look at potentially investing in them, because their value are really high.


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