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Requirements of Making How to Buy Cheap FIFA 17 Coins from MmoGah Videos

Bmichaellogan February 08th, 2017 FIFA    MmoGah News

Mmogah wants to work with Youtubers to make “How to Buy Cheap FIFA 17 Coins” video, if you are interested in this, please email us via sponsorship@mmogah.com.


The following parts are our video’s requirements, please read carefully!

Homepage: https://www.mmogah.com

Landing Page: https://www.mmogah.com/fifa-17-coins


1. We need more members, so you need to make more viewers sign up MmoGah.

a. Show viewers how to sign up MmoGah (right upper corner of web)


b. Show viewers why sign up MmoGah, because of faster checkout and member’s discounts 1%, 2%, and 3%(click https://www.mmogah.com/why-on-mmogah to know more)


c. During the whole video you need to keep logging in and place an order as a member (you need to log in your own account of MmoGah). Note: we need you to show the coins in your fifa account before and the coins in your fifa account after we deliver coins to you. Why we want you to do this? Because we want your viewers to see the difference of coins and know we really send coins to you.



Video Guide


2. We have large coupons on MmGah (Upper right corner), you need to show our top coupons here and click https://www.mmogah.com/get-mmogah-coupon to show more details. Note: those coupons need customers to do something and then they will gain them, so don’t worry and you can tell them to use your code directly without doing anything.


Top MmoGah Coupons


More details


Video Guide



3. We have two methods to place an order, you need to let viewers clearly know about both. Note: you can only use one of both methods to place a minimum order, you pay first and then we deliver coins to you, at last we refund your dollars.


a. Landing page (Upper on home page), you need to show our larger orders’ discounts, our Custom Amount.


Landing page


Larger orders’ discounts


Enter Custom Amount


Place order


Video Guide

b. Quick shop (left on the home page), you need to show viewers the process of placing an order via quick shop. Quick shop is really fast, some guys can directly place an order via this.


Quick Shop


Place order


Video Guide





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