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Long Awaited FIFA 17 Will Be Online Soon, What Are You Waiting For

Shirley Huang September 10th, 2016 FIFA   

FIFA is a popular soccer series of games developed by famous company EA Sports. FIFA 17 will be released on September 27 in North America and September 29 worldwide on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Excitement is high already with two months still remain. A large number of players who are eagerly to waiting for it. If this trend continues, it will surely become the most jam-packed football game ever. Now follow MmoGah to reach the latest news about the game! In essence, if you want to play a match against your friend, FIFA 17 produces the best experience.


FIFA 17 has some new features that worth you to play.

1. New Story Mode called The Journey

“A new FIFA mode and it’s certainly the most intriguing." This adds a whole new dimension to the game and the trailer makes it look exciting. The Journey is basically a role-playing adventure, set within FIFA, with the player taking on the role of rookie signing Alex Hunter, as he starts his career with a club of your choosing.


2. New Active intelligence system

EA has improved the positioning technology, so AI teammates make more incisive runs. The key part is that players now have a nuanced understanding of space. AI players will also make longer runs, even if it means slipping out of position, and they’ll use diagonal runs depending on the incoming passing angle.


3. Physical play has been overhauled

There is a new feature that the players have “pushback” technology, which governs their sense of balance during skirmishes with opponents. The system apparently utilizes real-time physical interactions, meaning that every contact is unique and has realistic outcomes for the character models involved.
fifa 17 pushback technology

4. New attacking techniques

While we've got the ball, our teammates will be more aware of the gaps in the defense, pockets of space to receive a pass and even make fake runs to try and trick the opponent.

- Driven Finish

FIFA 17 features a driven finish mechanic that gives you the ability to keep the ball low in any given situation. Drive low hard shots into the bottom corner, keep volleys low to deceive the keeper or even use the new mechanic to slot finesse shots.

- Threaded Through Pass

The team has also given you new techniques for creating chances, building on the passing with purpose feature, you can now deliver threaded through passes.
This allows for new passing options like curling with the outside of the boot through balls in-between defenders.

- Driven Goal Kicks

Starting from the back with your keeper, you can now play driven goal kicks and more aggressive throws to set your team off on quick counter attacks by passing it out from goal with power and direction.

- Downwards Headers

Greater control in direction allows players to head the ball down and into the ground. This not only makes your targets more formidable, but also means your keepers will have to work harder.


5. Individuality is a focus again

FIFA 17 can reflect the variety of player skills and personalities in the real sport. Consequently, the game is using full-body performance capture on major players, as well as a new facial animation technology, which brings in more life and emotion to faces. There are going to be new skill moves, and new tackles including special high-skill tackles that only certain defenders are able to pull off.


6. New leagues

FIFA 17 will feature some new leagues, such as Turkish PTT League, Israeli League and German 3rd League.

If we consider the votes of the fans of FIFA game, Turkish PTT league is on the top, followed by Israeli and German league. Apart from these top leagues, fans have included some other not so famous leagues, such as Hungarian League, Egyptian League, Mexican 2nd League, Spanish 3rd League, Guatemala League, Thai League and Romanian League.


7. The Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 introduces a brand new way to play within the Ultimate Team, so get ready for the biggest season yet! FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges give players new ways to compete and earn rewards in FIFA's most popular mode.

FUT Champions

This is the all-new way to compete in FIFA 17 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Each week, qualify for the weekend league and compete for in-game rewards. Consistently showcase your skill and climb the monthly leaderboards to earn some of the biggest in-game rewards.

Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

Complete challenges and earn unique in-game reward in all-new SBC. Test your squad building skills by choosing from Basic, Advanced, or League specific challenges. Check in often, Challenges will be updated throughout the season.


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