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  • Latest Info on FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch, Gameplay Features and Career Mode
    By Shirley Huang2017-08-30 00:00:00

    One month remains until FIFA 18 gets its worldwide release on Sep 29. At that time, millions of players across the globe will restart the annual traditional game. No season would be complete without the highs and lows of EA Sports' football frenzy, so all fifa fans would be keen on the new FIFA 18. Here MmoGah (a professional fifa coins seller) would like to share the latest info on FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch, Gameplay Features and Career Mode with fifa fans.


    An EA developer spoke to Dream Team Gaming at Gamescom in Cologne: “Career Mode is probably a similar experience than last year, but it is an experience that has been catered for this season.”

    This may disappoint some players, it could prove very handy for those already familiar with the game (for example: FIFA 17 players).

    Menus and Gameplay mechanics will be easier to pick up, and you won’t need to get your head around some new additions.

    It’s a shame that interactive transfer negotiations have not been included in Nintendo Switch, but maybe Nintendo Switch’s inability to run Frostbite at a high enough level.


    Nintendo Switch

    EA Sports revealed earlier in August: Career mode has been revamped substantially this year.

    It uses Frostbite, the main engine that powers The Journey, includes interactive transfer negotiations and realistic TV style presentation.

    However, EA confirmed the Nintendo Switch version would not include any of these features, and it would be an almost FIFA 17 version’s copy.

    This is an innovation that debuted on FIFA 18, and it will be the second edition of the game (Journey 2) with the Frostbite engine.

    However, if you want to have access to Frostbite engine, you should play the game on PS4, Xbox One, or PC console, which means Nintendo Switch and older-generation consoles won't be able to run The Journey 2, and it marks Alex Hunter's return to the franchise.


    Gameplay Features

    The overall Gameplay has been tweaked in lots of areas, such as improved player response and slow dribbling.

    One change sure to cause players’ interest is EA Sports' new mechanic: Real Player Motion Technology, which can adapt different players’ styles and mannerisms.

    Real Player Motion Technology

    The all-new animation system utilizes pose trajectory matching on every frame to deliver the most responsive and fluid gameplay ever. EA developers used new motion capture techniques to record Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and other top players in full flight. This Technology brings the data to life to ensure gameplay accurately shows football’s reality with players feeling and moving just as they do on the real pitch.

    Player Personality

    Sterling’s unique turns, Ronaldo’s signature free kick and Griezmann's technique, and you can recognize them for the first time, since every player' real-world motions, size and attributes inform is different.

    Dribbling Overhaul

    New dribbling mechanics let you run at defenders with confidence using defined touches, tighter turns and more explosive transitions to attack than ever before!

    New Crossing Control

    Kick the ball into the spot, lob it in from the byline to the attacker in space, or play the searching cross that finds the run from deep. New crossing control gives you more options from the wing!

    Not only running styles and dead-ball situations can be more realistic, but also the team styles will encounter new challenges against sides that boast certain strengths.


    Career Mode

    Earlier in August, FTS football site explored changes made to career mode, whereby managers can take part in transfer and contract negotiations with any target or stars involved.

    Players can experience every aspect of the real transfer market world from disloyal players to money-hungry agents through 3D player meetings. 

    As always, Career Mode will also come back to FIFA and come with new alterations, while Ultimate Team is another part that can attract customers back.

    Some of the most intriguing additions relate to single-player and offline modes, with many questions surrounding The Journey 2 and where Hunter will take his career next.


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