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Investigation on the FIFA 16 Anticipation and Prediction

John Ryan March 12th, 2015 FIFA   

Lately there is a survey on how you would improve fifa 16 and wish it to be. Lots of fifa fans delivered their opinion. They were asked whether played EA Sports FIFA 15, what do you think was missing in the game. Have you gotten any creative useful ideas for its next version? Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams database or FUT in FIFA 16 be like?

Investigation on the FIFA 16 Anticipation and Prediction

  • Someone hopes more national teams such as Costarica, Honduras, Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana, Senegal, Croatia, Bosnia Japan and Iran.

  • Someone intends for more national leagues such as Brazilian league, Ukranian league, Romanian league, Czeach league, Greek league and Dutch second division.

  • Someone likes this: Improving manager mode. For example being able to loan a player directly back to the team you bought it from or another team (like Origi and Courtois), talking to players, choosing your opponents for practical matches, getting offers from other teams (so you have an opportunity to leave), better connections between teams (Barcalona and Barca athletic now impossible to work together), being able to work with other teams

  • Being manager and director at the same team (more options like expanding your stadium and so on), selling players with an option to buy it back.

  • More money: some teams should have unlimited money or at least more like PSG and Manchester. Lots of fans are willing to buy fifa 16 coins to strengthen their team lineup.

Investigation on the FIFA 16 Anticipation

I guess this is enough for now hope at least some wishes will be fulfilled. We wish fifa 16 can meet a majority of people’s satisfaction.


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