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Important Tips for Beginners in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Shirley Huang July 20th, 2018 FIFA    MmoGah News

FIFA 19 is coming on Sep 28. These questions bother players, including new players and top-quality players:

How to start a new season?

What should I do at the beginning of FIFA 19?

Here mmogah as a professional fifa coins seller shares some important tips that you should read and follow. If you follow these FIFA 19 tips, we are sure that you will have a season plenty of success.


1. Pick the right edition

If you don’t have enough FIFA experience, you should watch the in-game tutorials, read our gameplay guides, practice in the arena and complete all the skill games.
Take a few minutes to think which editions you will buy. The standard edition is good enough for most players. 


2. The Early Access
If you have an active EA Access or Origin Access subscription, don’t forget that you will be able to play FIFA 19 earlier (Sep 20). Use your ten hours wisely and double check if you exit the game when you are not playing it.


3. Don’t miss daily gifts

Don’t forget to redeem every single daily gift. EA will give you in the first days. If you miss daily gift each day, you will get less pack.

Complete all objectives as soon as possible.


4. Pick fast and strong players
Choose players according to their stats (not by their ratings), their positions, the squad formation and the chemistry. Pick the players with the highest pace and physical stats. Their prices are always higher.


5. Take advantage of less experienced players
Pay attention to the market, especially during the high traffic hours on the release date. Many players will open packs and sell the unwanted cards at really good prices.

You should wait a few days to monetize him, if you obtain a top player in a pack.


6. Buy low, sell higher

This is the basic rule: buy low and sell higher. It works with almost every card. It’s a matter of time and patience.

Sell everything you own and build a team from scratch. Be persistent and avoid discarding items that can be sold for a higher price. You can also use your unwanted items to submit the first SBCs available.


7. Don’t quick sell untradeable players
Use all the contracts of untradeable players.


8. Save your money for players
Focus on building only one team. In the beginning, you can only spend your resources on what is strictly necessary. Others, such as teams, badges and kits can be bought later in the game.


9. Use the trainer
Even if you are an experienced FIFA player, let the ‘Trainer’ turned on in your first matches. It will be useful to get used to the new movements.


10. Redeem loan players
Buy all the loan players items available in the EAS FC catalogue and use them.


11. Buy managers

You should buy managers enough to reach the 50% bonus and pay the lowest price possible for them.


12. Buy coins boosts

Buy all the coins boost items before you start playing matches. You cannot waste fifa 19 coins in the first days.


13. Build a balanced squad

Don’t focus on building a top team on the first day. Try to build a weaker team in which players could be used as substitutes or reserves in your final team.


14. Set an easy difficulty level
Play your first games on a low difficulty level and focus on adapting to the new gameplay. If you feel that you are better than your opponents, play Draft to get decent rewards.


15. Play the weekend league

If you feel confident, play the Weekend League. It is by far the game mode with the best rewards. If you are not good or if you fail the qualification, Squad Battles is also a decent choice.


16. Don’t buy packs

Don’t waste your coins buying packs. The pulling chances are really low.

Don’t buy IF cards

Don’t buy IF cards. Leave them for later. There are a lot of good regular cards to try out first.


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