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How to Score More Goals from Kick-Off in FIFA 18

Kick-Off glitch is one of the most annoying but also biggest advantages in FIFA 18. The kick-off glitch isn't really much of a glitch. It's a tactic that players are using to score goals that makes the most of overpowered passing and the initial set-up of the teams. In mmoah.com tutorial, you’ll learn the best tips on exactly how to score them every time you start at the center circle after each goal. 


How it works?

From kick-off, players pass the ball to their fullback, and then play the ball down the wing to their winger, cross and smash the ball into the back of the net.

First, FIFA 18's passing is pretty powerful. You're able to accurately ping the ball at speed with driven ground passes, and you will control the ball quickly. So, you can work the ball out wide quickly from kick-off and get an attack going.

Secondly, this strategy is effective. The team taking the kick-off has its players pretty well spread out across the pitch, with fullbacks and wingers or wide midfielders close to the touchline. The defending team has fullbacks and wide players positioned nearby, but other players are in the middle of the pitch.

So, when you kick-off, you already have your wide players in position to receive the ball and attack down the wing, but it takes some time to support defending players.


Scoring from kick-off in FIFA 18 isn’t too hard. A bit of practice could become your secret weapon.

We discovered a sure-fire way of netting a goal every time. Just follow these steps and you’ll master it easily.

Step 1: One-two pass to the player behind the strikers

As soon as you kick-off, pass the ball to the player behind the strikers. Remember to hold L1 / LB to perform a one-two-pass, which will cause the strikers to start running up the pitch.


Step 2: Driven ball to either striker

Pick out one of the strikers and perform a driven pass after receiving the ball.

You can do a driven pass by pressing R1 / RB. Once the striker receives it, perform a one-two-pass to the other striker, which will allow you to beat the opposing strikers and get behind the midfielders.


Step 3: Pace boost ball roll technique 

Here you’ll be in some space but still have a few defenders to beat.

To make light work of them, you’re going to use a skill move - specifically the pace boost ball roll. You can use the right analogue stick, press L1 / LB and hold down the sprint button.

Your player will get a burst of speed making it easy to get round a defender.

Then all you need to do is get the shot on target!

Sometimes you are not taking advantage of the opposition defense. Players will act like as they are on ice skates and very slow to react as well as poor marking.

This all falls into your favor as you can do some really quick passing and have a free shot at goal to get your team back in the game.


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