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How to Score More Goals from Free Kicks in FIFA 19

Shirley Huang December 06th, 2018 FIFA    MmoGah News

Free Kicks in FIFA game are still hard to score, do you know the tips to get free kicks? If you can win some free kicks, you have a good chance to win close games.

A team can receive a free kick, which is one of the most valuable scoring opportunities. Your striker has chance to send a beautiful shot into the net corner, or fire it straight ahead at the least and hit one of your opponents in the junk. Of course, the latter is more for a cheap laugh than actual strategic benefit. Here’s tutorial will help you learn the different types of free kicks.


Free Kick for Beginners

When standing over a free kick, you should know how to move your player around first. This is done by moving your right analog stick left or right, which can help you to position your player's stance and aim better.


Select a Free Kick Taker

Choosing the best free kick taker, which can make the process easier.

When you have a free kick by holding RT, you should look on the selector menu to see who is most likely to succeed.

Select a player with a high FK accuracy, 80+ is usually good, your main priority is to get the kick on target. A high power and curve stat can also be beneficial.


Driven Free Kick

You can perform a more drive free kick, if your opponent is always jumping with the wall. Right footed players will perform best on the right, while Left footers on the left. Try to line-up the center of the screen the near post, at the same time, press and hold L1 on a PlayStation controller, LB on the Xbox. Tilt the left analogue stick towards the goal, and give your shot about 1 bar of power.


Dipping Free Kick

If you find yourself close to the penalty area, you can attempt to dip free kick, lift the ball up and over the wall with pace. This type of free kick benefits players with good accuracy in their stats more than those with a powerful shot. You should aim close to the end of the wall to dip the ball over the wall. Load between one and two bars of power and hold your left analog stick up (forwards), so the ball dips over the wall.

Knuckleball Free Kick

This is more successful with straight free kick takers, because they will be running onto the ball from a more direct approach, allowing them to hit it with the top of the foot to add more power.

When you are taking the kick to hit a low, powerful free kick towards goal simply hold LB/L1 w is ok. This type of free kick can be used at distance but is most useful at medium range, so you can bend it over the wall 20-30yrds.


Curved Free Kicks

The most important attributes for your taker to possess are accuracy and curve, and you’ll want to aim the screen towards the man in the wall who is nearest to the center of the goal, though depending on your player’s ability.

These curling free kicks will require a right footed player if being taken from the left, and a left footed player when on the right.

Start holding the shot button, and just a second later, tilt the left analogue stick diagonally up and towards the goal. Power should be between 1.5 and 2 bars.

Power Free Kick

You should aim at the wall to perform a power free kick. This is to compensate for the conventional curve that will automatically be applied to the ball. Shoot while holding the LB/L1 button (around three bars of power) and hold your left analog up until the ball reaches the goal.

Fake Shot Free Kicks

Players have options of performing a fake shot dummy over the ball. This requires you to select a second and/or third man free kick. To call the second man press LT/L2, and for the third man, press RB/R1. To perform a dummy, while holding the respective player’s button, you just need to do a fake shot.


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