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How to Manage You FUT 19 Account Security

As fifa fans, if you lose all your squads instantly, what would happen? It sounds very terrible. Now it’s time to learn and follow EA’s safety recommendations. MmoGah will share some tips to help you keep your FIFA 19 account safe and avoid scamming.

How to Protect your FIFA 19 Account

Keep your info secret and secure

If you haven’t set up your account yet, here are some tips to help you set up a more secure FUT account.

If you have set up your FUT account, you can improve security.

Here are some quick tips:

Don’t share your info with anyone. If you give out your password, security question answer, or any other account info, it is very dangerous. Make sure you’re the only one with access to it.

EA will never ask you for you login information.

If you receive an email that looks like it’s coming from EA, if it asks for your account information it’s a scam.


How can you compromise your FIFA 19 account

The Scammers maybe use several tactics to get your account details.

1. Phishing websites

Phishing is a way of tricking someone into giving up valuable information (such as your account name and password) by landing on a fake website and entering in your account details. Since most phishing websites look identical to the real site, most players don’t even realize they’ve been phished but it’s too late.

If you receive an email that appears to be from EA about an Ultimate Team promotion, and you click the link in the email, go to the Ultimate Team login page, and enter your account name and password. Two days later you discover all the gold players have disappeared. This person above was just phished.

Maybe the site looks identical to the official one, but actually it isn’t official site. You can spot the difference from the URL. The official EA website uses the URL: http://www.ea.com/. Any other similar URL is not official and you can’t click on.


2. Redirecting

Redirecting is a technique where a scammer embeds something in a link that takes you to the real site to begin with, but then moves you to a fake page that looks identical.


3. Scare Tactic 

You may receive a message: “your account has been temporarily suspended due to suspicious activity. Please login here to see more information.”

This is scare tactic that involves scaring your account has been compromised, but it actually hasn’t. It attempts to get you to give up your username and password. As always, the result is directing you to a fake site.

EA will never send you emails claiming your account has been compromised. EA will never contact you via any means asking for this information.


4. Contact on your console

If you receive a private message through your console’s online messaging system asking for your account information, it is fake. EA will never contact you through your console’s messaging system for any reason. Do not leak your details for this message using the built-in report tool.


5. Contact on forums

If you receive a private message in the forums asking for your account information, it is fake. Scammers will even use names that sound legitimate, such as “EA Admin” or “FIFA Developer”. Please remember that EA will never ask you for your account info.

If you receive a message the same as this, report it to one of the forum moderators. Those responsible for sending messages of this kind will suffer swift justice.


6. False FUT web

Scammers are using Shared Squad links to try to phish information. Please remember: you don’t need to be logged into to your EA account to view a Shared Squad. Shared Squads can be viewed by anyone, and the same as other official links, they always start with http://www.ea.com. If you are viewing a Shared Squad and are redirected to a sign page, it’s a scam. Do not proceed any further


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