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How to Make More Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team

Shirley Huang October 01st, 2018 FIFA    MmoGah News

FIFA 19 is now live. In FIFA series, FIFA coins are your main means of acquiring new players and consumables in FIFA Ultimate team.

If you want to get ahead in FIFA Ultimate Team, you'll need FutCoins. You can make futcoins quickly in lots of ways: log on every day, buy and sell players on the transfer market.

In mmogah.com guide, we will show you more ways to make more fifa ultimate team coins.


Sign In Daily Web App to Get Free Rewards

FIFA Web / Companion app is a great way to manger your squad from any location and also make continual trading offers without ever having to turn on FIFA 19. You’ll get fifa coins just for logging in each day, so it’s well worth downloading. Usually, when the apps launch or holiday periods, you will find that some special rewards everyday by simply logging into the FIFA 19 Web/Companion app.


Play FIFA 19 Weekend League

If you’re looking for some challenge and high rewards, you can consider entering the FUT Weekend League each week. You earn Champions Points during Division Rival which can be used to enter the Weekend League, and then play 30 games to earn FUT Champions rewards and lot of Fut Coins.


Play the Journey: Champions

As you know, Alex Hunter’s Journey continues in FIFA 19. The same as last year, there are some pretty hefty rewards up for grabs. Whether they are unique players or card packs, FIFA’s story mode can offer some pretty decent FIFA contents, which can give you the ability to earn more coins.

It is highly recommended that you should try out “The Journey” to pick up the rewards on offer.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

SBCs have been in FIFA Ultimate Team for a few years, and this is a great way to earn a number of FIFA Coins. It just require you to play matches against difficult opponents. Once you submit your players within the challenge, they will be completely removed from your club.


Raise Your Difficulty

In order to earn more coins in FIFA Ultimate Team, you should raise your difficulty level up to the maximum that your skill level can handle.

Change up your difficulty level instead of getting those small paydays for each your hard-earned victories, and you'll quickly notice how much extra you could be earning a bit more of a challenge. 


Investing Early is A Sufficient Way to Get the Best FIFA Ultimate Team

Don’t Waste Your Coins on Packs

Spend you coins on packs in order to pull famous players, such as Ronaldo or Messi, which is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners often make in the early days. The chances are very slim, making it more worthwhile to invest your coins into trading, as there are many great methods that can earn you big profits.


Don’t Keep Players You Won’t Use

In order to build a strong team, apart from using your unused cards. In most cases, the best way is to sell them and use the money to purchase better packs or even better cards on the transfer market.


Make Use of the Transfer Market

Buy and sell players on the transfer market, this is one of the best ways to make Fut Coins. A good tip is to list all of your bronze players immediately after getting them. Some players should sell, but some ones won’t sell.


Invest In TOTW Players

It requires you to have some coins saved up already. Each week, EA releases the latest in-form players, known as the Team of The Week (TOTW). These cards are incredibly rare and very expensive. The trick is to purchase these players early on, and then sell them later down the line. Think of them as investments, as they almost always increase in value over time.


Redeem FIFA Coin Multipliers from the Catalogue

While playing FIFA 19, you’ll earn FIFA points that can be used to purchase items from the catalogue (press RS to access the catalogue at the start menu). There are FIFA Coin Multipliers hidden in there, which you should use to seriously increase the coins you earn in one session.


Buy FIFA Coins Directly from a Reliable Site

It is the simplest and fast way to obtain more fifa 19 coins.

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