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How to Make Fast Money from FIFA? Welcome to MmoGah Youtube Affiliate

Mmogah search more youtubers to join our FIFA Affiliate System. We will sponsor you with Real Dollars to help you make your channels more popular among your subscribers. Are you interested? If “Yes”, please read the contents in the following parts, sign up our affiliate system and then email us via [email protected]!

A Generous Payment, Free Registration, Video Requirements, and Sample Videos, the four parts that you need to read carefully, especially Video requirements.


A Generous Payment

1. Make Video First: you need to follow our all requirements to make a video first, and then we will check it. If the video is qualified, we will give you the whole monthly payment.


2. Once Payment for A Month: our fifa youtubers are paid on monthly basis, and we will pay you the whole monthly dollars after you completed the first video and it is qualifield.


3. Paypal only: we can’t pay you as a friend or family via payal, but we will provide extra 5% paypal fee.


4. Statement: if you do follow all our rules and complete all the videos we require, we will not definitely reverse payment.


As for the monthly dollars, we will talk about it in private via [email protected]. The number of Subscribers and Views, as well as youtubers’ language are all the basis we follow to pay. Whatever, we make sure that we will give you a satisfactory payment. Furthermore, if your videos bring more traffic or transactions to our web, we will pay you more dollars next month.



Free Registration

MmoGah Affiliate Program is free and enables you to earn income simply by advertising our website. Once you have an affiliate account you will be provided with a tracking link and a 3% discount code. (Note: you have to verify again in your Email)

Video Requirements

1. Make your own banner with our logo and your code, and verbally recommend our fifa 20 coins as the opening of your videos, at least 15 seconds introductions and 5 minutes videos.

2. Recommend our fifa 20 coins again in the end of your video.

3. Put your shorten tracking link (here is the shorten tool: https://goo.gl/) in the second line of your video descriptions, no space, because we need your shorten link to be directly shown without clicking “show more”.


Here is the sample

4. Need to cooperate with us on making some relating fifa 20 videos.

  a. Make how to buy fifa 20 coins from MmoGah video

  b. Make how to buy Cheap fifa 20 coins from MmoGah video

5. All videos are not deleted.

6. Mmogah intro only during our sponsor time, no other web intro.


Note: the video needs to accurately comply with Mmogah’s requirements, and you can refer to the Sample Videos



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