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How to Earn More Coins in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

How to win games and how to earn more coins, these topics are concerned about by all gamers in FIFA 16. In order to earn more FIFA 16 coins, you have to compete in many kinds of matches, tournaments and drafts. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the match, you will still get the coins as a reward, but how to earn more coins?

MmoGah is different from other typical gaming service websites, since the workers at Mmogah are not only fifa coins sellers but also real players in games. Let us share FIFA 16 tips to you!


Tips 1   Sell the valuable player cards

This is one of the best ways to earn more coins. Whether you have accumulated 100 coins or 100,000, you should never stop trading in the game.

You begin the FUT mode with 500 coins, and you also have some complimentary card packs to open. If you receive any card which is unnecessary to use in the squad, you should consider selling it for big profit instead. This is a great way to make a quick profit rather than pay extra coins for building a new team.

At the same time, paying attention to high-ranking players and consumables which include stadiums, managers and kits, choosing something unnecessary, clicking “quick sell”, you will get fifa coins on your virtual account immediately.


Tips 2   Never stop scoring

All you need to do is keep scoring in the match, the higher level you play, the more coins you will earn.


fifa 16 fut draft


Tips 3   Play FUT Draft

FUT Draft is a new way to get a lot of packs and players in FIFA 16. After paying the entry fee, players start to compete in match, then you can earn cards, coins or packs which pay back for the entry fee.

In FUT Draft, chemistry is the key point, which you must pay attention to when you pick players. If you want to learn more about the chemistry importance, you can read our article - How to maximize chemistry!


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