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  • How to Earn FIFA Coins Fast
    By Shirley Huang2019-09-26 00:00:00

    As you know, fifa coins are very important, and they are the lifeblood of this gameplay.

    Fut coins are used to buy various things to strength your squad in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, but they are hard to obtain, so you may wonder where the best place to buy fifa coins.

    Ranking Top 3 during searching “fifa 20 coins” or “buy fifa 20 coins” on google, is cited as the best place to buy fifa coins by many players.


    If you have much time and energy, you can make fifa 20 coins by yourself.

    This is a real player Nick’s strategy. There are some free ways to get fifa 20 coins, and we will share them in the following. All of the content is quoted from this video. 


    I’m trying to give you some useful information, just tell you about how the market works early on FIFA, because it is very important to understand how the market works, so when you hop on FIFA, everything will be cheap, because nobody has fifa20 coins at the beginning of the game, you can hop on a console when you load up and get points, and then you spin packs and start to get some income from the packs.


    We start with some starter backpacks, and we get a cut of ourselves to the game and basically figure out how we are going to grind and be able to make futcoins on the game.

    Obviously the market is going to go up pretty much, since the game comes out, the market will go up every single day. For example, Leroy is a left-wing and very popular. He starts at 58K and the inflation that happens every single day. He goes all the way up to 250K, why does he drops on this day right here? Because this day is the full game release, last year the full game released was Friday Sep 28, this year is also Friday Sep 27, which is a very important date in the market. It will rise from start of the game all the way until this date. There is a chance on this date, the market drops a bit with the gold cards.

    Now a lot of players may prepare for this and they may not buy as much, but you have to understand Friday is the date that a lot of people across the world to get the game. Hardcore players will over on these communities, and most people get the game on this day, so most people are going to spend their money, and this day is the biggest pack opening day of the year, so you have a massive supply of FUT Coins on this day. You should understand the concept, so the first easy way to earn fifa coins fast is to understand this trend when you are on the game, and this trend is completely irrelevant to any player.

    The market will get the crazy supply and demand, because people start to play the game. When they have coins, they want to use players, so you can see that trade just continues the rise goes up a while.


    The next thing is going to be get some of the earlier Ones the Watch Cards.

    This upcoming year Ones the Watch will get released on Sep 27, so that is an important day for players, because it is a really nice way to make fut 20 coins. You can invest in the players right, they have a gold card Elva ones to watch card. Take a look at last year what happened to NAINGGOLAN. When he went into ones the watch, check this out because he didn’t have a lot of supply early on. GGolan went out of packs and his price is119K, one week later, his price is 190K, and he actually had a peak on one of these days.


    How to make a lot of coins in fifa 20?

    Figure out early on who is a popular player, there is a feature called PGP basically what you guys can do in tab. They had it in FIFA 19, and literally track players in the game and sort them by games played. Look at players who are really used in the game and super overpowered, which is really important.

    For example, Sissoko is the No.1 used player in FIFA 20, you can use some information and understand that day by day is probably going to keep rising, because if you are the most popular player in FIFA and people still getting more fifa coins.

    For example, his price is 6k, he’s probably going to keep rising, and you can use those kind of trends to help you out, which is really helpful with rewards flipping, so you know this year you will get Division Rivals and Weakening rewards on Thursday, we start to understand their reward cycles when we need to buy and sell, so I think that cycle is going to really help a lot of us. What you can do is using that PGP tab on foot pin to help you understand who are worthy of investing, it is really important, because you can start to sort by leagues right and by certain things, and understand who should I buy this week, because obviously with weakening rewards, we can league rewards brings an influx of coins into the market.


    Early Team of the Week

    Next thing we are going to talk about is the early Team of the Week, and it’s extremely profitable. If you have enough early team of the weeks, that’s all right, in the first week everybody sees meta, so they are good cards and they are not super expensive.

    Everybody is going to try to invest in team of the week, so keep your eyes on totw in the beginning of October and just to understand every single year’s trend, totw is going to continue to rise much.


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