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How to Defend Effectively in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Shirley Huang October 30th, 2018 FIFA   

FIFA 19 is proving to be a massive hit amongst football fans, with new features, such as the UEFA Champions League. There are some noticeable changes for the gameplay this year, and the game feels more realistic and immersive than ever. Scoring goals is the most important part in FIFA, so it is important to learn how to defend effectively. But it's hard to master, requiring patience, good reflexes and a fundamental understanding of defensive tactics. Here mmogah.com would like to guide you how to defend effectively in fifa 19.


Dynamic Tactical or Legacy Defending

FIFA uses a real-time defending method called Dynamic Tactical Defense. This is the best method, but if you find it too demanding, you should go to the controller definitions and change defensive type from Tactic to Tradition.

Dynamic tactics allow you to set up your team in a way which best suits your play style, both in attack and defense.

Some players prefer a higher line, others prefer to have their team sit deep. You can change your part of the game, such as your pressing style.

 How to jockey

When the attacker is running at you, Jockeying can help you to successful defending. It is an effective way to stop the ball-carrier easily dribbling beyond your defender, only simply hold down the L2/LT button - your player will turn and face the attacker. With the left stick, get close to him and perform a standing tackle, you’ll win the ball back.

This can be useful when near the sideline, although it can be result in the ball being passed around your defense more easily.


How to slide tackle

Perform a sliding tackle - it’s always risky to do, since you’ll face a red card if you don’t get the ball. When you’re very close to the player, make sure you get the ball – always slide head on. A flailing slide from a distance is going to hack the attacker down by his ankles but a controlled slide with a solid defender can work very well.


Shoulder battles and pulling

Circle allows you to go for a tackle, but this action can change depending on the context. If you're chasing your opponent and press circle, your player will try to grab his shirt. He will try to win the ball with his body if they are side by side. But your player will perform a stronger pull or shoulder tackle if you hold the button. This is a bit risky, as it can result in a foul, but it is better than letting your opponent go away from you.


Perform a second man press

Holding down R1/RB calls over the nearest player to help you defend. It goes without saying that having two players pressuring the attacker is better than one. The second defender will cut off more passing angles, leaving you to perform a tackle.


Play the Skill Games

FIFA 19 training system is formed of several skill games, and it can help you immensely in improving your defensive skills. Some can be difficult, and even frustrating, but you have to practice to improve your game. Only achieving positive grades in defensive Skill Games, you can expect to properly defend when it counts.


How to use the right stick to switch players

There’s nothing worse than an attacker getting past your first defender, you press L1/LB to switch to the next defender and the game selects your central midfielder instead, who’s even further behind the attacker than your original defender.

FIFA 19’s addition can prevent it occurring, the new addition is the new white player selector that appears over a player you aren’t controlling. This basically tells you which player you’ll switch to if you press L1/LB. It’s safer to rely on the right stick, but if you’re keener on the button switch, pay attention to the icon, so you know who you’ll move to.

There are two methods to switch the player you control in FIFA 19.

- The first is pressing the L1/LB button, which will switch to a player determined by the CPU. You can see ahead of time what player this button will switch to, as that player will have a faded yellow icon over their head.

- The second way is using the right stick. Simply push it in the direction of the player you want to control, and it will switch to that player.

The second method gives you much more control, as you can change to any player immediately instead of pressing the L1/LB button multiple times. This can be key in defensive situations.


How to intercept through balls

If you’re competing against someone who loves to play through balls, try to intercept them instead of tackling players directly. Watch the attacking players’ runs off the ball and get between them and the player with possession. If you can get a touch on it, it scuppers their attacking momentum.


How to defend in corners

When you're defending a corner, you can select the striker and pull him closer to the area, so he can try and block potential rebounds. Just be aware in case an opponent runs to the edge of the corner, it's almost certain that the ball will be passed to him, so be prepared to press him.


All in all, Practice makes perfect, and if you get frustrating at the beginning, don't give up. Please visit mmogah to view more fifa guides. If you have not much time, you can buy fifa coins from a reliable site. Mmogah can provide you fast and cheap fifa 19 coins.

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