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How to Defend Effectively in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Shirley Huang October 05th, 2016 FIFA   

Defending skills is vitally important when playing FIFA 17, since FIFA 17 is an intricate game, with several mechanics acting simultaneously, and numerous control possibilities available to the players. To defend properly is the cornerstone of every successful team. Although putting the ball into the net will ultimately win the game, having a solid defense is something which you will want to achieve quickly. The ability to stop the opponent scoring is incredibly valuable. Generally speaking, scoring a goal is much more exciting than defending one. However Mmogah as a professional FIFA 17 coins website hopes to offer you some tips and tricks in order to improve your defending skills on FIFA 17. 


1.One of the biggest problems new players face to is the defensive mechanics, since there is a real-time tackling system in FIFA, players have constantly struggled in it. Be it a classic tackle or a slide tackle, players must know when to press the button, and most importantly is when not to press the button.


2. Patience is key

Patience is probably the most important factor in tackling. This will become more natural, and you won’t think about after your enough practice. When you are running next to a player, this is a good chance to win the ball.


3. Never tackle from behind

With Frostbite engine, tackling from behind is more punishable than ever. Don’t hopelessly tackle from behind, just because the opposition is close in their attempt to score a goal. The risk of getting the player sent off, and possibly awarding a penalty highly outweighs other odds.


4. Use strong tacklers as much as possible

Midfielders who aren’t renowned for their tackling skills are far less likely to be successful in the tackle than the likes of Kante or Matuidi, so make sure you’re taking this into consideration. Even if you win the ball using players like Ozil, their tackle won’t have enough force and the opposition will still probably pick up the ball.


5. Make use of the Skill Games

The training mini-games in FIFA 17 are excellent, and they can help you greatly improve your defensive capabilities. Some challenges may be difficult, even frustrating, but if you want to improve your defense, you need to keep at it. Only after achieving positive notes repeatedly in the defensive skill games section, you can defend properly in the real deal.


6. Know tactics and the types of players

Knowing the players you have belong to what kind of types is very important, so that you can grasp their strengths and weakness, and you can play according to these characteristics.

Preferable Tips: Making your players with the ball turn around to the opponent and face him with two button pressed - LT and RT (Xbox) or L2 and R2 (PS), thus adjusting the ball to the sides and back without ever changing direction, which is good for setting up passes or a skill move. Pressing LT (Xbox) or L2 (PS) and the right analog stick when the ball is in the air, so that you can nudge the ball away from the defender with a touch to the chest or the head. It will of course work best with a high skill player.


7. Contain the ball carrier's progress

Many players wrongly rush to the attacker, both leaving an opponent free to get the ball, and facilitating a dribble from the adversary. The priority should be contain the ball carrier's progress, by pressing the A (Xbox) or X (PS) - this will automatically place your defender in the opponent's path.


8. Avoid shots and crosses

With the opposing player contained, you must focus on two priorities, and they're avoiding dangerous shots and crosses. Sometimes you must sacrifice some positioning, but it is always better to leave the side angle open than the middle. On the other hand, it is always better to let the winger pass the ball back to a colleague over them having crossed into the area or even run towards goal. Sometimes you just can't cover all angles, so make priorities and choose wisely.


What to do when you defend: 

Keep my positioning shape as much as possible. Don’t go full bizarre mode, just because you’re afraid of your opposition attacking. Maintain your player’s position and use player switching.

It will not only keep the opposition player occupied with number of different defenders, but also restrict the possibilities for your opposition to find holes in your defense.

More you go on a spree mode and take your players out of their position to chase the ball blindly, the more difficult it will be.

Maintain your shape and tackle from front as much as possible, which is as safe as it gets and strictly, the most convenient way of defending in any game, real or virtual.


What not to do when you defend: 

Don’t use "sprint" all the time. It will not only get your players tired quickly, but also lower your chances of successfully tackling the opposition player. You’ll need to think of FIFA as a game of tactics. Maintain your sense of knowledge in formations, and stick to your positions. Don’t bring your striker sprinting from the opposition d-box to your d-box, just because you’re chasing your opposition.

Also, don’t use "pressing" frequently. It will only create more gaps in your defense making it easier for your opponent to penetrate.


Hopefully these FIFA 17 defending skill tips will help you win the match, but if you are tired of learning skills or have no time to practice, you can buy FIFA 17 coins from a reliable site. Here is one article that shows you how to choose a reliable site. Enjoy your game freely.

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