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How to Choose the Most Overpowered TOTS Players in FIFA 19

Shirley Huang May 09th, 2019 FIFA    MmoGah News

FIFA 19 Team of the Season (TOTS) will come on May 10, 2019.

It is one of the most important moments in FIFA. The best players are selected by EA and the FIFA community across Europe and the rest of the world. Most OP team of the season players from the most consistent tots that is going to be launched in two days before getting started guys. If you can’t wait for team of the season to arrive here, you can go to futhead.com and vote for your team of the season most consistent. Mmogah as a professional fifa coins store will tell you how to choose the most overpowered TOTS players.


I am going to show my picks, and then show you which player is the first one that you can get, which will truly be a game changer. First of all, select the positions, and choose goalkeeper: TER STEGEN.

He is a German professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Spanish club Barcelona and the Germany national team.

Ter Stegen has been described as a tall, agile and consistent goalkeeper, with quick reflexes, good decision-making and excellent shot-stopping abilities; he is also strong in the air, good in one-on-one situations, and effective at communicating with his back-line courtesy of his strong personality. Due to his speed when rushing off his line, he is able to anticipate opponents outside the area who have beaten the offside trap.


Let’s choose Defenders, I always love Left Back Telles.


Telles is an offensive full-back and is described as a skilled, quick and playmaking defender.

He is highly rated in Brazil and was rewarded with a place in the 2013 Brasileirao Team of the Year.


Let’s go Center Back, I will choose Stones from Manchester City, I think he will be a really nice card.

Known for his technical ability and physical presence, Stones is celebrated for being a ball-playing central defender. Teammates and coaches have praised his composure with the ball, defensive skills, range of passing, vision and versatility.

John can do things most defenders can’t, a little feign here and there, maybe a turn to get out of trouble when he needs to, and that’s what going to set him apart from others, the ability to do things others can’t.


Let’s go and choose the Right Back is Mbabu. Great player, he deserves to play in a top league.

I think he is a special card from his league complete the league,as we see absolutely incredible Right Back, I would love to see him in the team of the season.


Let’s go guys with one more Center you should have that would be interesting. This guy: Epureanu who is a Moldovan footballer who currently plays at Istanbul Basaksehir F.K. as a center back. He is the captain of the Moldova national football team.


Let’s move to the Midfield. In my opinion, we are going to have the player who will be the first one that will make a huge change to your squad. Moussa Sissoko Central Midfielder. A versatile midfielder, he is capable of playing in any midfield role, as well as in several other positions across the pitch. He usually plays as a box-to-box midfielder in the center. A large, fast, physically powerful, hard-working, and energetic player, with an ability to run long distances and cover a lot of ground, Sissoko has been described as a "well-rounded central midfielder" who is "tall, rangy, and strong in the tackle".

Now you are seeing the image is his normal card. Although his consistency, passing, and technical ability have been questioned at times in the media, but this guy is an absolute monster, if you combine the fact that he could have 84 PACE to shooting 84, passing 84, dribbling 75, defending 80 and physical 94 with six foot to toe that’s incredible for Central Midfielder decent work rates also medium. It’s good that he doesn’t have low defensive work rate, this guys will be absolutely fantastic.

Let’s go and select our auto players here now. I think number two pick his gold card is quite good really curious to see the season card CDM Busquets, I think we will get one CM Thlago, and two more good stop Richard.


Please click Youtuber ovvy’s video for more details about how to choose the most overpowered TOTS players, and most of the content of this article is quoted from his video.


Let’s go to the Striker position forward. In my opinion, Ibrahimovic will have a bit more impact on the squad. Let me know what are your voted players that you pick and what are your team of the season most consistent.

Let’s go Morales and more or less and so remember fellas. Do you want to decide most consistent gets launched you go for these two three card? You have gotten Allen who is going to get a team of the season Marcus most consistent. Let’s say 99% the team of the season card and you have gotten go force the circle that guy will change everything in the middle for you.


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