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How to Beat FIFA 16 with Useful Skills: Section Two

John Ryan November 10th, 2015 FIFA   

After introducing the Section one of how to beat FIFA 16 with useful skills, let MmoGah continue to share the following FIFA 16 skills which help you win more rewards and coins.


No. 1     Make use of Sliding Tackle

It is hard to control sliding tackle, but if you choose the suitable time, you will snag the ball from your opponents easily, or you will receive a red card. This is a great way to keep your defenders to close to the ball and not give opponents the opportunities to score.


No. 2     Use the right weight of pass

Defenders are always adept at sticking out a foot to intercept the ball, and then passing to their destination with fast speed, but it is hard to control their weight of pass, especially in busy midfield areas, so how to control the right weight of pass is the key point.

Stroking the ball into the path of a teammate is much easier to control the weight of pass, which needs patient practice, and it’s not so easy to master only one night.


No. 3     AI is tougher than humans

AI is more rigid and aggressive than humans at intercepting the ball, especially on higher difficulty, which can be proved to break down opponents more easily than humans.


No. 4     Press smartly

With AI-controlled players having a better appreciation of space, the best way is picking the suitable players who can apply pressure on the opponents.

If you defend in the central of pitch, you shall track back with the closest striker; if play is focused on the edge of your area, you shall choose a midfielder to press, which means that you have the line of players behind the ball holding their position, making it hard for your opponents to find openings, so this style of defending are effective.


All in all, you will benefit much from above skills, so if you want to learn more, you can visit MmoGah who always shares the news and strategies to you; if you want to buy FIFA 16 coins to beat opponents smoothly, we can offer coins for fifa 16 to you.

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