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How to Beat FIFA 16 with Useful Skills: Section One

John Ryan November 07th, 2015 FIFA   

Most players focus on endurance, strength, agility, attacking and defending which are important skills in FIFA 16, but how to maximize them? Here MmoGah shares some fifa 16 skills to you, then you can make the best use of them to help you to beat the competitors.


1) Learn the skill move

In FIFA 16, skill move is more sensitive than FIFA 15, thus it is benefit for players to practice the move and master its skill.

The AI(Artificial Intelligence) system becomes more challenging than FIFA 15, which attracts players, and pushes them to learn more techniques.


2) Pay attention to the first touch

A good first touch is equally as important as the quality of the pass, thus you should set up next part of the move, either creating space or establishing an angle for the next pass. Do not sprint after receiving a pass, or it leads to awkward bounces.


3) Speed up your passes

If you were still keep the same speed as FIFA 15 or earlier, you should speed up your passes, since endurance and speed are important in your passing process!


4) Keep your possession in FIFA 16

After receiving a pass, player always use his body to protect the ball. AI is vital for player who comes across aggression. When standing in crowd area of the pitch, you should keep your body between the defender and the ball for a couple of seconds, and provide a chance to your team players to steal the ball, then pass to the other players.


5) Create your own movement

Fluid passing is not just that you are passing the ball around, moreover, you need create your own movement, which is benefit for your attacking and defending. AI makes players run and defend automatically, so you can control them freely.


Above skills are benifit for your game, but the higher level you play, the more difficulty you will come across, so you need more fifa 16 coins to build your team more and more stronger. MmoGah advises you to buy fifa 16 coins to beat the competitors smoothly.

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