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Guide to Swap Deals in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

FIFA 19 Swap Deals are available on FIFA Ultimate Team now!

You can earn great rewards by exchanging FUT Swap Players in special Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) throughout the season to offer more opportunities to improve your team on FUT. There's also an exchange token in the daily challenges, so you can get FUT Swap Items via SBCs, Objectives and Squad Battles. Mmogah.com guides you to learn about: how it works, the list of Swap Deals Players Items and FUT Swap SBC rewards. Some contents are coming from the office site.


What is the FIFA 19 Swap Deals?

Your squad’s fate is up to you in FUT Swap Deals, and this event can help players upgrade their squads in fresh ways.

You can choose how to build your squad through Swap Deals, and you'll have many chances to do during the season. 


How to Get FUT Swap Items?

Swap Deals items can be earned for a limited time through various of ways, including but not limited to SBCs, Objectives and Squad Battles. Swap Deals Player items have the same ratings as the player’s base FUT item with a different design.

The Swap Deals Player items can be exchanged for Swap Deals Reward items via special SBCs during each swap deals period. All Swap Deals SBCs are available for the entire period and have progressively more valuable Reward items in exchange for more FUT Swap Player items.

During FUT Swap Deals in October, you won't be able to get everything with 14 FUT Swap Player items, so choose your FUT Swap Deals Rewards wisely! 

You can keep with the FUT Swap Items or use them to complete specific SBCs in order to get special rewards.


Check out the FUT Swap Deals Rewards that can be earned via SBCs during October:

Adnan Januzaj - 3 FUT Swap Deals Player items

Paco Alcácer - 3 FUT Swap Deals Player items

Adam Lallana - 12 FUT Swap Deals Player items

Stephan El Shaarawy - 12 FUT Swap Deals Player items


Premium Silver Pack (Tradeable) - 1 FUT Swap Deals Player item

Prime Mixed Players Pack (Tradeable) - 4 FUT Swap Deals Player items

Premium Gold Players Pack (Tradeable) - 6 FUT Swap Deals Player items

Prime Gold Players Packs (Tradeable) - 8 FUT Swap Deals Player items


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