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Guide to Squad Battles in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Squad Battles is a game mode in FUT Ultimate Team, and it rewards the best single players with amazing prizes.

Do you know how squad battles works?

What are the squad battles rewards?

What are the difference between Squad Battles and FUT Champions?

In mmogah.com guide, you will find the results.


How Does Squad Battles Works?

You compete and earn rewards on Squad Battles in the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) single-player mode.

In Squad Battles, battle points determine your rank. Through playing matches you can earn them. From the FUT community, you can take on other squads to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards. Each rank’s criteria is based on all player’s results who are taking part in a Squad Battles event. It means that your rank could constantly change throughout the week as each rank’s criteria adjusts as players play through the mode.

For example, if you played the four daily matches as soon as the week started, you probably will rank very well, but as soon as other players start playing, you will drop to a lower tier.


At the beginning of Squad Battles, you should enter your Ultimate Team, go to Single Player and select Squad Battles. If you are not sure how to do it, please check below image.


FIFA 19 Squad Battles Rewards

After the competition closes, Squad Battles rewards will be released, upon the leaderboards. Squad Battles game mode will reset and start again for a new week.

Weekly Single-player competition
Compete against Squads from around the world in Squad Battles. Play up to 45 single-player matches per week to climb the leaderboard and earn rewards.

Play against community created squads

New opponents are available to match up against every day, each squad made by someone in the community. More difficult squads offer increased rewards.

Climb the leaderboards for better rewards

Climb the ranks of a dynamic leaderboard. Ranks are determined by the average score among all competitors.


Squad Battles vs FUT Champions

Squad Battles is being named the FUT Champions offline. However, there are also big differences between them.


 Squad battles in a single player game mode

This is the most important difference. Not everyone likes to play online. The single player game is different and there is much less pressure. Squad Battles is a good alternative.


Squad battles has less matches on the weekend
Players who play Squad Battles have more time on the weekend. You don’t need to play all your games in 72 hours.


Players don’t need to qualify for squad battles

There are many people who never played the popular FUT Champions, since they can’t achieved to get a qualification. This doesn’t happen on Squad Battles, since everyone is invited. You just enter and play.


FUT Champions has better weekly rewards

Although squad battles is not as lucrative as FUT Champions, it offers worthwhile prizes each week. It is the single-player mode with better rewards so far.


Squad battles doesn’t have monthly rewards

This is another big difference between these two game modes.

When the month ends, each FUT Champions player receives the special untradeable cards. But in Squad Battles you can’t receive that.


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