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Guide to Ones to Watch Cards in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Shirley Huang September 12th, 2018 FIFA   

FIFA 19 has revealed the first three Ones to Watch Players in Ultimate Team.

Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo, Atletico Madrid's Thomas Lemar and Bayern Munich's Leon Goretzka will headline the first release, expected to shortly follow FIFA 19's retail release.

More players will be announced in the coming weeks to heighten anticipation for the new game. Here mmogah as one of the best fifa coins stores will share the details of One to Watch FIFA 19.

 The first three One to Watch Players include:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - FIFA 19 cover star. With his overall rating coming in at 94. It means that he will need five Team of the Week or Man of the Match editions to reach the maximum 99 overall score.

2. Thomas Lemar was traded Monaco for Atletico Madrid. With 85 pace rating, an upgrade to his speed and overall scores to increase in price and popularity.

3. Bayern Munich brought in Germany midfielder Leon Goretzka from Schalke on a free transfer. His strength in every realm, which making him a much-loved player in FIFA 18. This is the same in FIFA 19, and any upgrade will change him into the complete midfielder.


What is the One to Watch (OTW) Card?

OTW card is player who has changed clubs during the transfer window. Throughout the season any OTW card will adjust and match the same player’s rating of any Team of the Week (TOTW) card. 

OTW card replaces the regular player cards in specific times and boost in rating and stats each time when a player gets a new TOTW, MOTM, ETOT, Hero or Record Breaker card.

Brand new live items for some highest profile, and most promising transfers from across the world. Throughout the season, based on their Team of The Week performances, each Ones to Watch Player will have a dynamic rating that will increase.

For the 2018-19 season, FIFA 19 will be the first chance for gamers to play with these updated squads. With FIFA Ultimate Team players eager to see how these transferred stars work in their custom-build squads.


How do Ones to Watch Players Work?

Unlike the regular card, the regular card does not receive a boost, but OTW players will receive special one-off upgraded editions that are available in packs for one week only.

Every time Ones to Watch versions upgrade, the player gets selected in Team of the Week or receives a Man of the Match award for a good performance in the Champions League, Europa League, domestic cups or even international games. It means that if you have a player who receives one of these new special edition versions, the Ones to Watch card will automatically get an upgrade to match new In Form version’s stats. If the player continues to impress, that thing can happen multiple times.

Ones to Watch cards are only available in packs for the first few weeks of the season after the launch of FIFA 19, while new ones will also be added following the January transfer window. They can be purchased on the market all year round, with some available through special Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) to make them accessible for a larger range of gamers.


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