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Guide to FIFA 19 Web App Release Date, Early Access and Offers

FIFA 19 Web App will be released in September. The FUT Web App is an online extension where you can manage your FUT club. It is a faster and more comfortable way to search for, sell and buy cards.

When is the FIFA 19 web app office release date?

How to Get Access to FIFA 19 web app?

What can you do on FUT 19 web app?

How to make the first coins?

Here mmogah as one of the best fifa stores will share the FIFA 19 web app details with fifa fans.


When will FUT 19 Web App be launched?

According to our past experience, the most likely date is Sep 19.

Last year, EA sport released the Web App on Sep 20.

FIFA 17 Web App started on Sep 20.

You can see the last six year’s release dates as below.


FUT 19 Web App will replace FIFA 18 version, so you won’t be able to access FUT 18 after Sep 14.


FIFA 19 Web App Features

Some Main features as below.

Searching, selling and trading cards;

Organizing and testing the chemistry of the squads;
Sharing your squads with your friends;
Buying and opening packs;
Checking the Team of the Week;
Consulting and interacting with all the cards you have on the club;
Consulting the leader boards;

Completing Objectives;

Submitting Squad Building Challenges;

Staying up-to-date on your competitive progress on the Leaderboards;

Redeeming weekly rewards from Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Champions;

Using advanced filters.


How to Get Access to FIFA 19 Web App

FIFA 19 Web App early access, also known as FUT Webstart, is only available for returned players. Only players who have created a security question/answer before August 1st 2018 will be able to use it. It means that you should play in the console first before you can access to the App.


Early access on the FIFA 19 web app is not available to everyone. You should fulfill these conditions:

1 You must have created a FUT Club before August 1, 2018, to get early access to the FUT 19 Web and Companion apps.
2 Your FUT 18 account must still exist.
3 Your account needs to be in good standing.
If you were banned or had other actions taken on your account in FUT 18, you won’t get early access.


FIFA 19 Web App Offers

FIFA 19 Web App early access is not a great time to make the first fifa coins. As usual, you can buy low and sell higher, but since no one is playing it for the first time, it will be very difficult to make much fut coins with trading. Hopefully, there are many offers to boost your game:


Daily gifts

During the first days, Daily Gifts will also be offered, so don’t forget to access your Apps every day. Each day you miss, it is one pack less you get. You’ll need all the cards you can get to start your first investments at the beginning of the game. The first daily gift will be available until midnight of FUT Web App release date and the last one until midnight of Monday, October 1 (UK time). Cards are more expensive in the early days, it means that daily gifts are relatively worth significantly more.


Starter pack
The Starter Pack includes 21 players (16 bronze, 2 silver and 3 gold). This pack, besides enough players to start playing, with 45 contracts each one, has also everything your club needs to start. It means that the club item cards will be part of the pack will be at least one stadium, one ball, one badge and two kits (home and away). All the cards of this first pack are untradeable, which means that you can’t sell them.


Welcome back packs
The Welcome Back Packs reward returning users for their loyalty - their FUT 18 gaming activity. Unlike what happened in the past, the antiquity has no effect on the welcome back packs a player receives. Most of the 12 cards in each pack will be gold, for which these offers assume particular importance at the start of your club. You’ll be rewarded too with two all players packs, each one with 4 bronze players cards, 4 silver players cards and 4 gold players cards (at least one rare).


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