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Guide to FIFA 19 New Features: Part Two

Shirley Huang June 29th, 2018 FIFA    MmoGah News

We have introduced fifa 19 new features part one before. Today let mmogah continue introducing fifa 19 new features part two to fifa fans.

As you know, fifa 19 will launch worldwide Sep 28 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

While that full release feels a long way away, especially with a World Cup in between, we can tell you it’s going to be worth the wait. Here are the new features are worthy of playing.

 Dynamic Tactics

The new tactics system is the focus for this year, the changes you can make are surprisingly deep.

If you fancy yourself as a tactical genius, the Dynamic Tactics feature will offer more options to customize your squad on pre or mid-match. We except the reimagined system will allow for multiple tactical approaches, and combine various factors and play styles to help tailor for your needs. 

“The dynamic tactics system makes a huge difference, and you can see your teammates’ acting and moving differently, depending on your tactic. You can customize everything based on your mentalities. You can decide how to play when attacking, defending. You can say exactly what each tactic is going to do in terms of formations, player instructions and tactics.”

This is the first time that many players felt actually game-changing. After FIFA 18’s issues, the entire defending mechanism in fifa 19 has been rebuilt from the ground up and the game benefits exponentially from doing so. 

EA has overhauled the tactics system to give you more options and control your play styles, including defending style. If you want to have an emphasis on defense, you'll need to be smarter from now on.


The Journey: Champions

Alex Hunter will embark on his final outing in the Journey: Champions this year. The last of the three-part series will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, taking advantage of the Frostbite engine to deliver a dramatic finale to the young Englishman's story. And this time, he'll be taking part in the UEFA Champions League as he strives for glory on the European stage.


New Goal Kick Camera 

It's frustrating that your opponents can see where you're aiming the camera for goal kicks, when you're playing FIFA in the same room. But in FIFA 19, it places the camera much further, showing you the entire pitch and stopping you from panning your view.

You can know your players in space and leaves your opponent guessing, which helps prevent silly Karius-esque moments where you give the ball straight back to the opposing striker.


Different Shapes on the Mini-map

This year, EA’s big aim is to be adding clarity to the game. With the quick nature of football requiring you to make split-second decisions, you no need to know where your teammates are.

That's why the away team would appear as triangles on the mini-map in game while the home team will remain as circles. That may not the important at first, but when you try to play a long pass to someone off screen. It makes spotting your teammates that little bit faster can break your attack, so this is a welcome change. 


A Grey Cursor Showing Who You Will Switch to Next

Speaking of defending, it feels awful when you're desperately scrambling back but can't select the right player you want, allowing your opponents sweaty, pacey winger to dribble past with ease.

EA has made things a lot easier with the introduction of a second cursor. As well as the red cursor which shows player you're controlling, a grey cursor will appear on the next player you'll switch to when pressing L1/LB.

It's one of our favorite changes, it doesn't interrupt the gameplay but makes the whole experience much smoother while removing a large source of frustration.


Goalkeepers don't always pick the ball up

When the ball rolls to the goalkeeper from the opposition, he will keep the ball at his feet if there are no players nearby. This allows you to start a counter-attack swiftly and adds an extra bit of realism to the game.

Goalkeepers using their feet and playing out from the back is an increasing trend in football, so it makes sense that we will occasionally see keepers doing the same in FIFA 19. 


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