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Guide to FIFA 19 New Features: Part One

Shirley Huang June 27th, 2018 FIFA    MmoGah News

Everyone has got football fever with the World Cup from Russia entertaining millions fans around the globe. Many of those football fans will be avid FIFA players and will be extremely excited for FIFA 19’s coming. Here MmoGah as a professional fifa coins store will guide you to learn more new features.

Europe's biggest annual soccer competition - UEFA Champions League will come to FIFA 19. This new feature will undoubtedly give FIFA 19 more depth, especially in the Journey story mode, but the gameplay’s updates are equally as important.

EA Sports creative director Mat Prior said: "It was always a goal for 'The Journey' to end with the pinnacle of club football. It was something we wanted to showcase as a player’s ultimate goal."

EA added all the details to build a proper Champions League experience. Moreover, the progression should be realistic too. It means that if you finish third in the Champions League group stage, you'll enter the Europa League. UEFA Super Cup, Champions League and Europa League together match in the season, is also part of FIFA 19.


New Active Touch System

There is a new Active Touch System in FIFA 19, which can improve player controls. More importantly, it makes the game feel much more fluid and showcase a player's personality.

Prior said: "It's a complete rewrite of how a player traps and approaches the ball. There's much more movement’s fluidity, much more authenticity, and much more control for the user."

50/50 Battles

This is also new addition this year.

During the game, your player's instincts coupled with your reactions determine how well you play the match. Speaking to reactions, EA will made a big change to tactics as “Dynamic Tactics”. The system gives you the ability to set multiple game plans, customized with your liking before the match. Moreover, changing game plan is easier to do mid-match with a handy D-Pad function.

Prior said: "We add a new level of control across the pitch. The effect will be much more obvious and they're also more customizable." This will allow users to fine-tune things to a level that hasn't been offered before in the game.


Timed Finishing

This is a new addition in FIFA 19.

This tool allows you to take a bigger risk to get a bigger reward, instead of firing off shots the way you normally would in FIFA. Pressing the “shot button” a second time before your player kicks the ball, you can try to nail the timing to give more accurate and curved speed.

It increases your chances, but it's not going to go in every time. When you plan the time perfectly, your player may fire off something wretched.

You don't have to use this, and you can just play as you before. However, the creation of a risk and reward rate will have you thinking twice before trying to do.

One-Button Mode

There is a two-button mode to make things easier for beginners in FIFA, but EA is adding a one-button mode this year. If you are want to play a super chill match, AI can decide how to do it in different situation, this is your choice.

Prior said:" We know FIFA can be a little overwhelming with the level of control we offer. This allows people to get an understanding of the game and the pace of the game."


There's no doubt that Champions League will bring more layers to the story of Alex Hunter and to your career mode aspirations, but EA has made big changes in FIFA 19 extend far beyond the addition of a new cup. EA’s mission is to make its sports games even more realistic, an annual update fans can always look forward to.


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