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Guide to Choosing the Best FIFA 18 Players: Section Two

Shirley Huang April 25th, 2018 FIFA   

Choosing the best player is very important. You should find out what players’ talent are and how you can use them. We have introduced the three criteria in last article: guide to choosing the best fifa 18 players section one. Here MmoGah.com continues introducing other criteria of choosing the best players to fifa fans.


More Players' Characteristics

You’ll be able to find your squad’s perfect player by using a simple spreadsheet program. You should select the most important attributes and give each one a weight. You should watch out for the five characteristics that define them:


Work rates

With absolutely no doubt, a characteristic that you should never look away from when choosing a player. This isn’t where you should start the player selection, and you can have a short list do that, so this works as an effective eliminatory factor. Avoid low/low work rates, or high/high on players of low stamina. Low offensive work rates on attackers or defensive work rates on defenders are usually bad choices. According to your tactic, you should manage work rates in order for one to compensate the other.



A taller player that has good jumping will win more headers.

Although it isn’t decisive, you should pay attention to the player’s height, especially if he is a striker, a center back or a goalkeeper, although it is also useful for the CDM position.


Weak foot

It is more important for the player to have good attributes than more weak foot stars.

When choosing one between two players or more, this is the type of characteristic that should be decisive. If you’re ready to buy a finisher, don’t forget to check if he’s got a good weak foot. You’ll certainly notice the difference on the pitch between a player with low and high weak foot.



Preferred Foot

Carefully verify if you’re using your players correctly for their position on the field, sometimes you should change their side to favor their preferred foot.


Skill moves

Players with more skill moves stars will get past the opponents more easily. Although this might be more of a show off than an actual contribution to the team, they can also execute more complex technical movements. The skill moves can determine which player you’re choosing, unless you’re a natural skiller that doesn’t need success.

Player Prices

As you know, Ronaldo and Messi prices are very expensive, you should left Ronaldo and Messi out since you don’t have enough fifa coins for them.

Do you have a good idea of one player for your squad? Or you’re striving to choose one between two players. Something that will help you decide at a bigger consciousness.

You can choose the Median price for some valuable players.


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