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Guide to Choosing the Best FIFA 18 Players: Section One

Where to start building your squad? Are you still undecided which player is suitable for your team? How to choose the best fifa 18 players? Here MmoGah as a reliable fifa18 coins store would like to guide you to choose the best FIFA 18 players for your squad.

Ultimate Team differs from other game modes by allowing each one to build a preferred dream team. It is important to know which players are better to suit your play styles: formation, budget and squad. It is not an easy task. After all new player cards keep coming along through the season, we’ll give you all the tips needed to build better.


In our opinion, you should pick your players based on the following three criteria:





1. Chemistry 

The first criteria for selecting the players is the chemistry when we want to start a squad.

It forces us to plan how we’re going to spend fifa coins 18 with antecedence and makes us base it all in one league or nationality.

The chemistry affects a player’s performance on the pitch. In order to build good chemistry, you should put players in their preferred position, and alongside others that have an element in common: same club, same league or nationality. The easiest way is to create teams full of players exclusively from one league or one nationality. You can click this article: how to increase chemistry to learn more.



2. Positions

You’ll obviously be conditioned to the players’ positions when you build a squad. You must choose 18 players and at least one goalkeeper. You should buy players for the positions you need, according to your formation, if you don’t want to have chemistry negatively affected.

If you want to use a player outside of his natural position, you should check if he’s got the necessary attributes to play in this new position. This adaptation only makes sense if there’s a notable quality difference between this and the best player you can get for the position, in a way that the change compensates the chemistry loss.

If you try adapting players to new positions, you’ll certainly be surprised with the slight loss of performance the player will suffer, even considering high chemistry reductions. However, it’s important to mention that you should never abuse using these adaptations. If you do it with more than one player in the same team, you’ll start to affect not only the player’s individual chemistry but also the whole squad’s chemistry.



3. Attributes

Attributes are the most accurate element to compare players.

Many people make the terrible mistake of evaluating one player’s quality according to his rating that just shows a player is how popular and good in specific attributes. The rating is not an average or reflex of all the attributes. It is not revealing the player’s true technical, mental and physical attributes. Sometimes, FIFA 18 players with lower ratings can be better choices.

In general, these are the attributes we value the most according to the positions:

GK | Reflexes and Diving
CB | Defending, Physicality and Pace for at least one of the centre backs
RB/LB | Defending, Pace and eventually Dribbling for RWB’s and LWB’s
CDM | Defending, Passing and Physicality
CM/CAM | Passing and Dribbling
WINGERS | Pace, Dribbling and Passing
CF/ST | Shooting, Physicality and Pace

Obviously, this is a very simplified analysis. With a deeper knowledge inside the game we’ll be able to add strength to the list of attributes to carefully control.


There are still other criteria for choosing the best fifa 18 players. We’ll reveal them in the Section two later. If you want to know other fifa guides, you can visit our website: mmogah.com to learn more. Want to buy fifa coins to get valuable players? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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