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FUT Division Rivals - A New Game Mode in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Shirley Huang September 06th, 2018 FIFA   

FUT Division Rivals is a new game mode in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. It rewards the online players with decent prizes.

The new mode - Division Rivals replaces FUT's online season mode, and is chiefly for your average FUT player. It is designed to appeal to a mid-tier level of player, and offer an alternative to the ever popular game mode - FUT Champions. In other words, the players are below the FUT Champions mode, but above the Squad Battles mode. On mmogah.com guide, we would like to share the details of FUT Division Rivals with fifa fans.

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 A New Way to Compete Online

You’ll play a set of placement matches to see how you measure up against other players, when you start Division Rivals for the first time. Based on you performance in before matches, you’ll be assigned a Skill Rating, which determines your Division.

During the week, each match’s result you play in your Division impacts your Skill Rating;

Obtain a high skill rating and you can move to a higher Division.


Earn Weekly Rewards

Each week, you compete in a weekly competition against players within your division for ranking and prizes. This is a similar fashion to Squad Battles mode. After you've played throughout the week, you'll be assigned a rank, dependent on your rank in your division, you'll earn rewards that you can pick from.


The cards from the packs are tradable, and it means that you can sell them in the transfer market. During the week, you don’t need to open the packs that they are assigned to you. Since they can be stored to be opened later and they don’t expire.

You have the chance to choose potentially between the coins and packs at the end of each week, as well as other meachnisms that can help you qualify for future Weekend Leagues.


How it works?

The numbers of placement matches you play can determine your skill rating. And then you're placed into one of 10 divisions, with progression tied to your skill rating.


There are five ranks on the ladder. Here's how it looks in-game:

Each weekly competition you make progress towards the next rank, with your weekly rewards corresponding to you finish at that week. Players will compete in weekly competitions against players in the same system for both prizes and the aforementioned ranking points. It means that your weekly score determines your rank, which determines your rewards.


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