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FIFA Winter Transfer: Marek Hamsik Completes Move from Napoli to Dalian Yifang

Shirley Huang February 26th, 2019 FIFA    MmoGah News

In recent days, Winter Transfer news has big implications in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Official announcement: Chinese Super League (CSL) Dalian Yifang has signed with Slovak midfielder Marek Hamsik from Napoli, and he moved to Dalian Yifang on Feb 14, bringing to an end an eleven-and-a-half year spell with Napoli.


Many players are discussing in Reddit forum.

SmartNickname said:

“I remember the day you came here, it was during the summer of 2007, we were still celebrating our return to Serie A, and you still were a 19 years old talent coming from Brescia. And today, 520 matches and 121 goals later, you are one of the greatest players in our history. Who would've thought. Thank you, Marek.”

Essemh said:

“I am interested to see if Dalian have a good season. With Hamsik, Carrasco & Gaitan they have a powerful attack and big Zimbabwean striker Mushekwi up front who has a prolific 52 goals/79 starts record. The club itself is just in its tenth year of being formed and have yet to finish above fifth. Interesting times at DY.”

Natrix31 said:

“Hamsik asked to leave. Napoli were happy to keep him, but he’s not a starter for them anymore. All his career, he turned down big money moves to larger clubs, but stayed out of loyalty to Napoli and chance to best Juve for the Scudetto. As much as I’d like to see him continue at Napoli, this was a good move for both sides.”

Wilnyb said:

“One of my all time favorite players to watch. His vision and ball control were always just so fantastic, combined with the ability to score goals. I would sit down to watch Napoli games just to see him play. His game against Russia in the Euro's 2016 was one of the finest individual performances I've seen in many years.”


Marek Hamsik is a Slovak professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder.

He has been described as "quick, energetic, hard-working and tactically versatile midfielder, who is capable of playing in several offensive positions on either side of the pitch, or even through the center". Throughout his career, he has been deployed as a central midfielder, an attacking midfielder, a winger, even a supporting striker or inside forward on occasion. A talented, elegant, and technically gifted advanced playmaker, in addition to his footballing skills, he is also known for his leadership and stamina, as well as his play and intelligence off the ball, in particular his ability to make attacking runs to get into good positions in the opposition's half, and his tireless running. He is also capable of playing as a deep-lying playmaker or in a box-to-box role, due to his passing and tactical intelligence, and is an effective free kick and penalty taker.


There are some players also transfer to CSL Dalian Yifang.

Emanuel-Boateng - Striker

He is a Ghanaian footballer as a striker who moves to Chinese club Dalian Yifang.

Boateng’s speed and improving technical ability make him a favorite for one of the club’s starting positions next year. If Boateng can continue to progress at the same rate, he did in his first season with the team, there’s no reason to believe that he can’t become not only one of the Galaxy’s bright young stars, but one of the league’s top offensive talents.


Zhao Xuri - Defensive Midfielder

He is a Chinese footballer who moves Dalian Yifang in the CSL on Feb 13.

He is strong. His muscle strength is the similar with Europe players. He plays excellent in the defensive midfielder, and his long-shoot can threaten the opponent.


Zhao Mingjian - Right back

He is a Chinese footballer who plays as a right-back or right midfielder, and he moves to Dalian Yifang on Feb 13.

He is also a very hard player, playing hard work at a young age, foot technology in general, as a linebacker pass is not reliable, but with the growth of age, his footwork and pass is getting better and better.


Qin Sheng - Defending Midfielder

He is a Chinese footballer who plays for Dalian Yifang in the CSL.

Qin made a permanent transfer to Dalian Yifang on Feb 13.

He is an adaptable player. Overall, he is a player with an undervalued ability.
He has his own athletic value on the pitch, and he is able to defend, attack and play a key role.


Li Jianbin – Defender

He is a Chinese footballer who currently plays as a defender for Dalian Yifang in the CSL League.


Yang Shanping - Center back

He is a Chinese footballer who currently plays for Dalian Yifang in the CSL.

On Feb 28, 2018, Yang was loaned to Dalian Yifang for the 2018 season and made a permanent transfer on Feb 13, 2019


Once FIFA 19 transfers go live and a player has transferred to a new club, their previous FUT cards will be removed out of packs, with a new version replacing it. Real world football transfers can influence FIFA 19 player prices - as the supply of old cards decrease, their values can potentially rise.

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