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FIFA Halloween Event: FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream

Shirley Huang October 26th, 2018 FIFA   

Halloween is only a week away and EA is looking to get into the event’s spirit by bringing back Ultimate Scream to FIFA 19. For anyone who missed the event in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18, it’s a tweak to the franchise’s popular Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream is here, offering a special, limited-time boosted set of player cards. They feature an awesome spooky design, and two stats boosted up to 90, making them hugely valuable. Here mmogah as a professional futcoins store would like to share the event details with fifa fans.  

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What is FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream?

Ultimate Scream is an annual Halloween event in FIFA Ultimate Team.

A squad of 23 shapeshifting beasts have been released in the form of special player items, which will get periodic boosts throughout the FUT season, but only two in their six stat categories. When or how the stats will get boosted, players will never know, which can keep everyone on their toes.

There are specific Ultimate Scream cards available that will change the look of some football’s biggest stars as well as improving their stats.

These boosts can be reach up to 10 points, making for hugely impressive players. This year also releases a brand new shapeshifting system.

Each shapeshifting player has a unique shell and his overall rating has been increased by +1. Most importantly, two of their attributes will always be boosted to a score of at least 90.


When Did FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream Start and finish?

FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream starts on October 19 at 10am PDT/ 6PM BST. The event is set to end on Nov 1. 


How to get FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream Player Cards

FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream cards are released just like any set of promotional cards. During the period, they are available and they replace the original cards in card packs. It means that if you have the same chance of finding an Ultimate Scream card, and you get any high quality player.


FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream squad

A total of 21 players form the FIFA Ultimate Scream team and they are drawn from a variety of different leagues.

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets is the highest rated, along with Paris Saint-Germain's Marco Verratti, Besiktas defender Pepe and Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa.

The players who are chosen for FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream squad generally come from brilliant performances in the real world of football or have suitable stats. 


FIFA 19 Scream Team - Starting 11

CDM: Sergio Busquets 89

CM: Marco Verratti 87

ST: Diego Costa 86

CB: Pepe 86

ST: Mario Mandžukić 85

ST: Bas Dost 84

ST: Mario Balotelli 84

CAM: Emil Forsberg 83

RW: Xherdan Shaqiri 82

LW: Hakan Çalhanoğlu 81

LM: Salomon Kalou 80


Can you trade FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream players?

FIFA Ultimate Scream players are indeed tradable, it means that you might be able to get your hands on some if you don't get them in packs. They can also potentially be picked up on the Transfer Market.


Should You Invest in FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream?

Once the FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream event finishes, the special Ultimate Scream promotional cards will be removed from card packs, so you’ll only be able to buy them from sellers on the marketplace. Although the player stats won’t be as amazing as they were over Halloween, these cards will still fetch a lot due to collectible value. 


FIFA 19 Halloween SBCs

This is one of the ways to earn the Scream Team Players. A few FIFA 19 Halloween SBCs have been added, requiring you to build specific players’ decks. You'll get rewards for completing each one, so it is definitely worth doing. 

If you choose to do that, sell Scream Team cards immediately as you get them but they are likely won't go up in value after the event ends. Keep in mind that EA says the Scream boosted stats will reappear during "scary times", though it's unclear exactly the meaning. 


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