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FIFA 20 Starting Guide

Shirley Huang October 03rd, 2019 FIFA    MmoGah News

FIFA 20 has released world-wide and it has come with a number of new features and changes that you should be aware of before playing Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs or Career Mode. If you have not played fifa games or you don’t know how to make fifa coins, this guide is for you.


I am going to show you how to get the best start on fifa 20 ultimate team. A load of tips will help you make & save fifa 20 coins and build a great team within the first couple of days of fifa 20. Let’s get on starter packs and this is the first thing you will be faced with when you load up your brand new account on fifa 20, the quality and quantity of these packs are vary depending on how many previous fifa’s you’ve played. If you are brand new to the franchise, you are going to be given one or two fairly average packs that made up of primarily bronzes and silver’s; if you’ve played a lot of fifa’s in the past, you will be rewarded for a good number of packs including plenty of gold players and a handful of rare in there as well, so you stand chance of potentially getting one or two decent players.

I think on the whole for an average player you can expect to get around 15 to 20k back from your starter packs. Now what’s very important is that you don’t immediately quick sell any one from these packs and compare the price of every player you’ve got regardless of their quality, whether they are a bronze silver or gold, check the price for them, because we’ve got a lot of SBC’s when a new game comes out, you’ve got the advanced SBC’s as well as the basic ones and they require bronzes or silvers as well as players from random leagues nations.

You need to bear in mind that matter players are worth significantly more couple of days after the initial release of the game, so if you pack someone like Ronaldo, Neymar and Buffet, maybe an icon or even a more kind of overpowered matter player, that’s a little bit cheaper. Now I would recommend you sell the cards for a much higher price.

All you need to do is just log on claim you ORD, and then you can go back to your console. It’s always good getting some free packs and free fifa coins especially when you are just starting out. It can really give you a boost. Once you’ve gotten a few coins fifa 20 together from opening your starter packs, it’s time to start trading and making futcoins.


This is a real player E2A’s video, which tells you how to start fifa 20 (Web App Trading & Investing Tips, Starter Packs & More). All the content is quoted from this video.



Premier League

One of my favorites that always works very well in the early stages of a new game is Premier League or any major league, and you can snipe cards for 400 or 500 fifa20 coins and quickly flip them for a thousand, you are making so many fut coins quickly. I will show you over the next couple of weeks you are set to make yourself an easy 100k. Once you’ve built up, we go coin total from trading, it’s time to start investing in some players and this is where the profit really starts to come in. In the early stages of a game, I would invest on the web app or early access.


Team of the Week

These cards always tend to be fairly inexpensive in the early stages, because people that have many fut 20 coins, but after a week they shoot up in price and pretty much, anyone from the first team of the week is a good investment. They have an amazing card that people are going to be using in game and maybe a little bit more expensive.

These are very safe cards to pick up because you often have a lot of disks or players, anyone from a good legal nation or with a semi usable SAS will always rise up, especially if it is a matter card and a defender, so always look out for any price informs play from good leagues and nations, master players in the first team of the week, pick them up and you can make yourself so much profit.


Player of the Month

We are having the premier league and Bundesliga player of the month returning and La Liga as well. We may have a league of player of the month and therefore we know what types of players to invest at but generally you just want to pick up players from the clubs and nations of the players who are likely to win the award.

So player of the month investing can be very profitable, but who to invest in but a general of them, you can’t really go wrong with picking up players from the premier league and bonus league up.

If you see any informs from those leagues that are quite cheap, make sure you pick them up. I put Altima to build a fitness team, this can save you and make you many coins in the long run in the early stages.

Fitness team with some no rare cards, you can go to ask and play battles game. Every other game with your main squad on the bench and reserves, it’s going to top their fitness. You are going to be getting matched coins and competing towards score battle points, which will give you packs and coins in return, so it’s a win-win situation. You are going to save coins but not have to buy fitness and you only get coins back from playing a game mode, you could go and play friendlies or something as well.


Grind Team of the Season

It’s a really good way to save and make some coins, and I definitely recommend grinding team of the seasons. A new addition to fifa 20 and something that you can make many coins so easily. Some useful items such as Fitness camera styles and Load players, you can get them by doing simple tasks and playing the game. You can get four different things if you complete them. Win five games, apply three camera stars, which can give you 10k. Score three finish shots and win a game in mystery ball, which can give you a gold player pack. All you need to do is keep three clean sheets score of volley, score five times and win in swaps, which is another new game mode.



Always keep learning FIFA guide, and you can visit, which can help you playing FUT better.

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